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Thread: Office Professional Academic 2010 missing .dll issues during install

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    Office Professional Academic 2010 missing .dll issues during install

    Friends, I am using Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3. And trying to install the Microsoft Office Professional Academic DVD disc. ?The installation was in progress but suddenly I got an error message saying that "A required D:\x86\SingleImage.WW\OSETUP.DLL cannot be loaded. This may indicate that the file is missing or damaged." And there was only one button on the message. The button was OK. I clicked on that button then again it shows me some message that was a set up error and saying that "The instruction at "0x5a9288a4" referenced memory at "0x5a9288a4". The memory could not be "written". Click OK to terminate the program".

    I have never seen such issue and did what I normally do when such problem is comes in front of me that is I rebooted the system and again tried to install that but it is showing the same error every time. Please suggest me that what is the problem behind that and how can I get this issue resolved?

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    Re: Office Professional Academic 2010 missing .dll issues during install

    Do you have any Antivirus program installed in your computer? I am asking this because it may be your Antivirus program that is aborting the installation process. Sometime many antivirus programs do not allow many software to be installed. What you can do is. Just disable the antivirus temporary and again try to install it. I think it will allow you to install that and if it allows you then after installing that again enable the antivirus. I have tried this when I was not able to install Microsoft office 2007 an this solves the issue.

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    Re: Office Professional Academic 2010 missing .dll issues during install

    I was also getting the similar problems with my computer. I tried every possible solution that I knew ,to solve that but nothing was helpful to me then finally one of my friends helped me to solve this issue. Here are the steps that he did to solve the issue and was successful to do that. You can also try this in your case. I hope this will also help you to get out of this.
    Step 1:
    Click on Start button and hit on Run. In bthe textbox type msconfig and press Enter. This will let you to System Configuration Utility dialog box.
    Step 2:
    Now you have to configure the selective startup options and for that select the General tab in System Configuration Utility dialog box and in that select Selective Startup. Click to clear the Process SYSTEM.INI File check box and clear the Process WIN.INI File check box and Click to clear the Load Startup Items check box. Make sure that the Use Original BOOT.INI are checked. Now select the service tab and select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box. Hit Disable all and then click on Ok. After this it will prompt you to restart. Click on OK.
    Step 3:
    Log on to windows if you are prompted. When you get the following message, click to select the Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows start check box and then you have to click on OK button and now You can install the the Microsoft office.

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    Re: Office Professional Academic 2010 missing .dll issues during install

    You should try to install the Office 2010 directly from your computer without using the CD. You should copy the entire Office 2010 disc content in your computer at desktop and open that folder where you have copied the contents. You will find one file for setup. Try to run that setup file from there and it will install that on your computer. If that also does not help you then you can enable clean-boot to the system and then try to install the Office 2010 again.

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    Re: Office Professional Academic 2010 missing .dll issues during install

    You can try the solutions suggested above and see whether it helps you or not. If it does not help you then here is the alternate option for that. You can download the Office Professional 2010 trial from here to your computer and you will be given a purchased product key with that. You can use this purchased product key during the installation when it prompts you to enter the product key. This will definitely solve the issue for you. I am using the same Office Professional 2010 trial from the link provided on this post and it get installed properly and now I am not getting any problem with it and is it working very fine.

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    Re: Office Professional Academic 2010 missing .dll issues during install

    There may be several reason for this issue. I am listing here all possible reasons that are possible for this. You should check for all this possibilities whether it is in your case or not.
    • There may be problem in your installation CD. Clean the surface of the CD before installing the Office 2010.
    • I may be the drive itself that needs to be clean.
    • You can check it with other DVD. Is other DVD’s plays OK.
    • In properties of my computer you should select the Region 2 if your country is in UK.
    • If none of the above is the reason is in your case then you can copy the contents to any new folder in any drive and try to install that from there.
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    Re: Office Professional Academic 2010 missing .dll issues during install

    Which disk are you using for installation? Is it a genuine disc or a brand new disc? I am asking this to you because if you are using the genuine disk there are more chances to get those errors. If you are getting such errors then you should remove the Disk from the drive and try to install it on any other computer. If it is also not getting installed on other computer then there is a problem with the installation CD and you can try to install it with some other CD. Make sure that there should not be any scratch on the CD. If then also you are getting the same issue then you can do what is suggested above by copying the contents in your computer and install that form there. This will be also a good alternate option for you Good Luck.

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