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Thread: active-directory - ADAM

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    active-directory - ADAM


    i have as ADAM instance on win2k3 server.
    i made a replication from win2k3 R2 and the replication works fine.
    the problem is that i can query only the master adam instance,when rtying to query the replication i getting an error.
    i have sniffed the error and it appears to be:
    ldaperr DSID-0c090336 accept security context error
    i query the ADAM from a datapower device using an xslt script that retreves a certificate form soap message.
    i cannot seem to bind to the replication.
    i will appriciate any help!
    thank u!

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    Re: active-directory - ADAM

    I have little Idea about this and I think that the trouble lies in the registry. From Microsoft's ADAM FAQs: "while the PC running ADAM is connected to a workgroup, you have to set the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current\ControlSet\Control\Lsa\forceguest to 0. The default is 1." On the other hand, if your PC is connected to a workgroup and the registry isn't rearrange to reproduce that then you will get the errors which you are getting. If you are not part of a workgroup, then it's possibly a bad DN or password.

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