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Thread: New driver fine but what is HsMgr.exe?

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    New driver fine but what is HsMgr.exe?

    I’ve gathered out some information that this procedure is causing my 32-bit programs like Firefox, Internet Explorer is not running. Although when I try to run it, then their procedures come into view, which has no actual window become visible. Once I finish the process of HsMgr.exe*32, every one of the programs run completely fine. I have two HsMgr.exe programs in succession on my system for some reason a 64-bit version of HsMgr64.exe and 32 bit of version HsMgr.exe*32. I was wondering if it is likely to simply remove this 32 bit version from my computer system folder to stop it from the initial start when my computer system begin up. I am taking into consideration that when I end it, nothing goes bad. I don't observe how it would be a difficulty. Just inspecting to make out if anyone knows what if do. Any help regarding this issue will be appreciated.

    Thank in Advance.

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    Re: New driver fine but what is HsMgr.exe?

    I don’t get your problem what exactly you are facing for your computer system. Is this is the exact problem you are facing on your computer system. Actually HsMgr64.exe is the Sound card driver which helps you to install the Sound card on your computer system. It helps you get the High Definition sound to hear.

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    Re: New driver fine but what is HsMgr.exe?

    It is very good that you have easily installed the HsMgr64.exe Driver on your computer system, because mainly too many of them is lacking to install the HsMgr64.exe Driver on their own computer system. And about the HsMgr64.exe is the .exe file of the Sound Driver. It is normally the supporting file of the Driver at the time of installation.

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    Re: New driver fine but what is HsMgr.exe?

    HsMgr64.exe is sound card drivers. It is of two types bit i.e. HsMgr.exe (32-bit) and HsMgr64.exe (64-bit). It is installed as per the resolution of the Operating system installed in the computer system. Normally in the Vista we can installed the driver is of HsMgr64.exe (64 bits or 32 bits) either of It. But usually the 64 bits is installed in Vista Operating system.

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