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Thread: How to access Windows driver routines from C# application

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    How to access Windows driver routines from C# application

    Could any one tell me if i write an application in C# or .Net , can i use Windows API s like createfile , readfile , Iocontrol to access my Windows driver routines ?

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    Re: How to access Windows driver routines from C# application

    The Windows Driver Kit should help you. The WDK is a fully integrated driver development system that contains the Windows Driver Device Kit (DDK) and tests for stability and reliability of Windows drivers, including the following:

    • Windows Driver Foundation (WDF) simplifies the development and support of Windows drivers.
    • Header file refactoring (Windows Vista and later versions) reduces header file complexity by providing a simpler directory structure, eliminating declaration conflicts, and using a single set of header files for all supported Windows versions.

    More information here.

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