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Thread: Problem Applying WMI Filter to Group Policy

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    Problem Applying WMI Filter to Group Policy

    This is my computer park consists of a windows server 2003 server and a dozen XP workstation . My server is a Primary Domain Controller, and from a certain hour of 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. , some of my workstations to disconnect from the field without any reason. The problem is applying WMI Filter to Group Policy. Please help.

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    Re: Problem Applying WMI Filter to Group Policy

    You need to see Group Policy Center but focus only on items that are not security patch installed. To take advantage of Group Policy Preferences you must have a minimum DC Windows 2008 and apply This KB on all your clients , be careful not to forget the installation XMLLite for Windows 2003 and XP . To target only items that are not installed to KB2296198 we will use Item - Level targeting and filtered through a WMI query the existence of KB.

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    Re: Problem Applying WMI Filter to Group Policy

    GPO WMI filter is applied if the query returns TRUE , or does it apply the workaround if the KB is not present, then return FALSE ... We will create two GPOs and play on the order implementing them here:
    * First GPO (KB2286198 - WOKAROUND - AD2003 - Enable) applying the workaround to all positions ( no filtering) which disables the WebClient service and publishes the values default registry keys HKCR \ lnkfile \ shellex \ IconHandler and HKCR \ piffile \ shellex \ IconHandler vacuum . The GPO will be applied first on the post and will therefore have a lower priority than the second GPO.

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    Re: Problem Applying WMI Filter to Group Policy

    The problem is that Windows 2003 OS which is seen to apply a GPO with WMI filtering unknown filter and always apply the GPO . Therefore KB2286198 - WOKAROUND - AD2003 - Disable will always be applied about the OS , but this is not the behavior we want for the security patch is not available on this version. By varying the order of application of GPOs we come to our purposes , however this method is a bit of tinkering. In conclusion : Keep updating your OS versions and service packs. It does not say when in the future of the workarounds are available to fill a security hole.

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    Re: Problem Applying WMI Filter to Group Policy

    The namespace is a group of classes and bodies to control the spread on which we want our filter to act. By clicking on the Browse button, you can change that namespace so that the query that we will take more later involves a different scope. Query Field post the script that we have entered. Once our filter set , a new object appears node " WMI Filters ". Here are properties that appear in the right window. As indicated above , it is possible to link a filter WMI one or more strategies : it is therefore Part Object GPO using the WMI filter . As a strategy against No group can be linked to only one filter.

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    Re: Problem Applying WMI Filter to Group Policy

    For link a GPO to a site, you must open the Group Policy Object Editor from the Active Directory Sites and Services console. To open the Object Editor Group Policy using Active Directory Sites and Services console , follow the steps below :
    1. Click Start, click Administrative Tools , then click Active Directory Sites and Services .
    2. In the console tree , locate and right-click on the site to which you want to link a GPO, and then click Properties on the shortcut menu .
    3. When the Properties dialog box for the site opens , click the Group Policy tab.
    4. In Group Policy Object Links list , click New, then click Edit to create a new GPO , and select an existing GPO in Group Policy Object Links list , then click Edit.
    5. The Group Policy Object Editor opens to the GPO site .

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