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Thread: NAP Reporting

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    NAP Reporting

    I can be installed NAP to server running Windows 2008. It is not necessary to install a gateway on a server running Terminal Server , these two roles are completely independent. It is even advisable to install the TS Gateway server not running on a Terminal Server . After that i want to access Network Access Protocol reporting. Can any user have any idea? Please reply.

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    Re: NAP Reporting

    Windows Server 2008 R2 does not NAP very large changes , unless it is now possible to create several VHS and then to use a server NPS / NAP for differing access mode , much more easily than it could with Windows Server 2008. The more accustomed to NAP on Windows Server 2008 will also have noticed the appearance of a party " Error Codes " in the management of VHS.

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    Re: NAP Reporting

    Despite securing connections provided by the certificates , the implementation of a TS Gateway still requires monitoring. The Console Manager main gateway provides a first overview of the state of the bridge and its activity .
    The most interesting element in this view is the connection status indicates that the total number of connections, the number of users connected to the gateway and the number of computers used by remote users . The console also allows applications to monitor connections TS RemoteApp.

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    Re: NAP Reporting

    To secure and restrict VPN access , you can set up a network policy , formerly known as remote access policy . This is done in the Network Policy Server console under the Policies node and network strategies . Are specified by constraints that combined the connection attempt will comply as access time , membership in a group for the computer and / or user , the execution of a specific operating system or the compliance with safety technology NAP (Network Access Protection ).

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    Re: NAP Reporting

    Network Policy Server is the new name given to " fire " IAS , present in Windows Server 2003. When installed on the same server as the service routing and remote access , authentication of remote clients must pass by him. It also notes that these services need not be explicitly identified as RADIUS clients as they are hosted on the same machine.

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    Re: NAP Reporting

    You need to add admin tools foe windows server 2008, that the RSAT package is installed you can add the components that you want as follows : Click on the menu Start, Go to Panel click Programs , Then click Enable or disable Windows features: And then select the features you want to enable : Finally click OK to start the installation: When installation is complete we must add shortcuts in the tools menu Start. To do this : Locate section System Administration Tools drop-down list and select Display on the All Programs menu and Start menu, Right click on the menu Start and click Properties. In the window Properties of the Taskbar and Start Menu select the tab Start Menu click Custom. Validate by clicking on OK. You can see from the menu Start , All Programs that administration tools selected are now available.

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