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Thread: How to view only unread emails in inbox?

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    How to view only unread emails in inbox?

    I am having a small query regarding the use of the Hotmail account which i need to know about. Actually i am using the hotmail and i wanted to know whether it is possible to view only the unread message from the Hotmail account. I just wanted to filter the inbox with the unread mail only. If any one is having the knowledge regarding the same please help me. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to view only unread emails in inbox?

    As per my knowledge this is not yet possible with the Hotmail account which you are looking for. I have searched for the same and come to know that this is not yet implemented in the Hotmail and if you wanted to see it then you have to wait till the Microsoft itself update the hotmail for this feature. Thats it!!!!

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    Re: How to view only unread emails in inbox?

    I agree with the above reply as i have come to know the same. I am also working on the Hotmail and after this question wanted to make the same but looked for most of the forum and got the same answer. I think now Microsoft have to improve the functionality and feature of the Hotmail and lots of other provider are providing the same.

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    Re: How to view only unread emails in inbox?

    I thin if all the above replies is not helping you out and you are not yet satisfied with the same then i will advise you to go with the Windows Live Help center and find the answer to the question. As there are lots of expert available who can help you with the proper solution. So try the same and work with the issue of yours.

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