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Thread: Windows 7 (advanced) search panel

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    Windows 7 (advanced) search panel

    I have been working with the installation of Windows 7 for some time , and I like to continue with the same ! However, when I was preaching to my family and friends, they wanted to know from that if the Advanced Search pane (that we are running within windows XP) is back into the Windows 7.

    For instance, without going through the AQS documentation, how people from you are immediately able to come up with the single search situation for:

    1. Entire jpg and png files .
    2. Which are stored within the E:\images and d:\images and f:\dir\images
    3. Without recursing into any subdirectories
    4. And are larger than the 10KB
    5. Was made between 25th of December and first Jan ?

    Anybody find any answer for the same ?

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    Re: Windows 7 (advanced) search pane?

    There are some users queried on the same things and are asking that should we have to learn the syntax or what . You don't have to go for the implementation of the syntax. It is actually simple than it can be shown onto the surface.

    Instead of going to measure out the syntax for the same, simply you have to type out what you are searching for. If you need to search a particular type of information (just assume as Author or Date, anything which can be used to be in the Advanced pane), it would be displayed for you. You have to easily click it and that's it ..

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    Re: Windows 7 (advanced) search pane?

    Thank you so much for indicating the 'AQS' and the fact that it is already provided within the Windows 7! Like, I am sure, there are so many in the same, I have spent quite some time noodling how you could search say 'all files changed/created on a given date' something which was simple to perform within the windows XP (specially with the MS Advanced Search add-on installation ). Issuing 'Advanced Query Syntax' when running with the windows 7 help came up with the associated information .

    After all, the basics are all specified at that place . The syntax itself looking so organized and so pretty with the proper comprehension - what is required is simple access lie some type of 'Boolean Query Builder' so that its power can be consumed without constant reference with the documentation.

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    Re: Windows 7 (advanced) search pane?

    Why was this removed? That was a so stupid concept for the Microsoft to perform especially with the advent of widescreen displays. Yes, I may seems so upset but that occurs when the users remove the functionality without getting upfront and describing why in the "What's New" part. So, once again, in case you have lost the question: WHY was it removed? I have searched a lot about this but haven't got anything related to this ...please share your ideas ..

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    Re: Windows 7 (advanced) search panel

    Hi guys,
    I don't have any idea about this if it is just me and my RC and RTM Windows 7 but the "Add a search filter" didn't come up with the proper functionality in Windows 7. In fact, it is just as the label than in case of a button.

    Besides, I have already pointed that there are some already present filters which you can use (I have even moved so far seems as how different libraries provides you various combination of filters). However, it displays that you are able to pick the ones beyond what is suggested to you.

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