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Thread: Windows Live Photo Gallery slideshow

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    Windows Live Photo Gallery slideshow

    A small concern to submit, for some time, impossible for me to display my photos in a slideshow. The Windows Photo Gallery crashes when I use it, or when I'm in the explorer, which is exploring plant. I'm on Windows Vista. Do you have a solution other than to install additional software like Picasa? Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Windows Live Photo Gallery slideshow

    Well now, the solution is to uninstall Morgan Stream Switcher. A solution as I love, why? how? No one will probably never know why it does not go together. you will need to just un install it and the application will start working.
    Here are some useful links for you
    Error while saving images in Photo Gallery
    DEP Problem for Windows Photo Gallery

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    Re: Windows Live Photo Gallery slideshow

    Thank you for your response and your proposal. I'm afraid that System Restore does not really suit me because ever since this problem arose, I did a lot of manipulation on my system and have installed lots of software. It's true that this does not prevent me from working and that is far from a big crash. In fact, I'd like to know the real cause of the problem and remedy.

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    Re: Windows Live Photo Gallery slideshow

    I tried to download the Windows Live Photo Gallery. Download went fine but when I open the gallery it shows me "Windows Live Photo Gallery not responding". So I always have the same problem whatsoever with Windows Live Photo Gallery or not? If you answer this question it will help me a lot.

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    Re: Windows Live Photo Gallery slideshow

    Have you tried uninstalling Morgan Stream Switcher? For me, it worked. This is an application that can switch from one language to another when you watch a divx with two soundtracks. Not really necessary, in fact. I see no other solutions. For Catetmax, you can perhaps try Picasa, you'll find on any legal download site. It is free. However, I am not sure that your photos will look more turquoise you speak. Perhaps it is a setting to do at your screen or your video card.

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    Re: Windows Live Photo Gallery slideshow

    I began this discussion because my gallery on windows vista opens but does not display the image preview just cannot like the blue circle hourglass that signal that you need to wait and then it stays. And my internet explorer bug too much.

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