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Thread: Active Directory Preparation Problems

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    Active Directory Preparation Problems

    I am having the problem with the Active Directory Preparation Tool (adprep.exe). What is the function of Adprep. Exe? Actually I am having very less knowledge about it, so I am suffering with many issues. So I thought to take some basic information and then proceed with that topic. So please help in providing an information about the adprep.exe. Any other notes regarding this topic would be grateful.

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    Re: Active Directory Preparation Problems

    What is the function of Adprep.Exe?
    Adprep.exe is a command line tool that allows for a Microsoft Windows 2000 forest or a Windows 2000 domain controllers to install Windows Server 2003 domain. Or in simple language, you can say that if a domain upgrade from Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 / 2003 R2 on Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2 on before, whether through an in-place upgrade or by adding the first Windows Server 2003/2003 R2/2008/2008 R2 domain controller on the overall structure, it is first to update the AD schema.

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    Re: Active Directory Preparation Problems

    When an Exchange 2000 schema in the forest is present, enlargement is the first Exchange Schema to "correct". This is the file needed InetOrgPersonFix.ldf that are in the archive file in the "Support \ Tools \" on the
    Windows Server CD is 2003rd This archive file, it is unpacked and then into the scheme to import LDIFDE with. The order reads:
    Ldifde.exe / i / f InetOrgPersonFix.ldf / c "DC = X" "DC = domain, DC = TLD".
    If we introduce this step in advance, it would come to mangled attributes:
    Windows Server 2003 adprep / forestprep command causes mangled attributes in Windows 2000 forests that contain Exchange 2000 servers
    If in the course of AD migration also made an update to Exchange 2003 so it is easier to Making only the Exchange Setup with the / forestprep. The above fix is thus unnecessary.

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    Re: Active Directory Preparation Problems

    If everything is in place in order, the actual schema upgrade will take place. The CD is the Active Directory Preparation Tool (short ADPREP) from the Windows Server 2003 to one on the schema master and second, on the infrastructure master of each domain, each with different parameters to run. All Windows 2000 domain controller in the forest should ideally have the latest Service Pack 4 and all other updates installed. Prepare Your Infrastructure for Upgrade Hotfixes to install before you run adprep / forestprep on a Windows 2000 domain controller to prepare the Forest and domains for the addition of Windows Server 2003-based domain controllers

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    Re: Active Directory Preparation Problems

    1. In the first step, must first forest with the adprep / forestprep on a domain controller, the role of Schema Master holds, on a Windows Server 2003 forest will be updated.
      • If the forest (or domain) is not upgraded to Windows Server 2003, would the Active Directory DCPROMO wizard when you promote the first Windows Server 2003/R2 to the domain controller at the appropriate place regarding the ADPREP's an error. Then you still have time to run the Adprep to then proceed with the Raise the server.
    2. In the second step is to ADPREP with the / domainprep / gpprep on the infrastructure master in the domain, in which one like the new Windows Server 2003 DC Add to execute. Thus, the domain to Windows Server will be updated 2003rd. If you from a Windows Server 2008 Read Only Domain Controller (RODC) to the domain wants the command should ADPREP / RODCPREP infrastructure master will run.

    If the ADPREP or domain was not running in a forest, so while promoting a DC an error regarding ADPREP displayed and the process stops. Then you can always make up for ADPREP and then use the Promote DCs of the proceeding.

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    Re: Active Directory Preparation Problems

    The Run / gpprep must be maintained as long as ADPREP Domainprep / from, to the by Adprep / forestprep changes made to the schema master, the infrastructure master (in the domain where the new one Windows Server 2003 would add) has been replicated. If Adprep successfully (or) was not carried out, which is the command line, the schema master is on the configuration partition created in the following two containers and DCs in the forest they must be replicated to all:
    CN = Windows2003Update, CN = ForestUpdates, CN = Configuration, DC = Domain.TLD. CN = Operations, CN = Windows2003Update, CN = ForestUpdates, CN = Configuration, DC = Domain.TLD.

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