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Thread: My Documents/offline files/libraries

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    My Documents/offline files/libraries

    I am going to start deploying Windows 7 in my company . Everyone's still running with the windows XP.

    I am not getting what Windows 7 has acted with My Documents. We are runing with the users who sync offline copies of particular directories in their server based files and directories. Window 7 would not allow the complete server directory associated with the library (unable to index this ) unless they add the entire server directory as an offline copy. There are some users containing huge server directory and don't need the entire thing copied offline to their systems.

    The issues occurred when they click on the Open or Save in the Office - since those programs are searching into the My Documents. Windows XP made this so simple to point their My Documents directory to a network path. I am not getting a simple workaround for the same.

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    Re: My Documents/offline files/libraries

    If you reference the My Documents directory for a network path, the directory will be available offline automatically. Network shared directories are unable to be indexed unless they are available in the offline mode. This is the default behavior according to the design. Why not allowing this available offline?

    To redirect the My Document directory,you have to make a right-click on that, select Properties and click on the Locations tab and type the new path.

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    Re: My Documents/offline files/libraries

    Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP facilitates the availability for you to redirect the users My Documents directory to their home directory. This one option is intended only for the organizations which are running with a legacy deployment of home based directories and need to reference the users to the My Documents metaphor at the time of controlling the compatibility with their existing home directory . You should only choose such type of option if you are already running with the deployed home directories in your organization.

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    Re: My Documents/offline files/libraries

    You are able to redirect the desired directory for a particular location on the network location . That one option is intended to facilitate an administrator to redirect the desired directory to an alternate local drive/partition, or to issue an unusual configurations not anticipated by the newly created user interface. It got enable in exactly the same method as the Windows 2000 directory redirection user interface.

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