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Thread: How to share files to Xbox 360 without Windows Media Player

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    How to share files to Xbox 360 without Windows Media Player

    I am running Windows 7 on my computer and using libraries I can use the Windows Media Player 12 in my operating system to share files. But previously I was able to share without media player and I am looking for a similar way to do this again but the problem is that I am not able to get my shared folders show up on Xbox 360. Can anyone tell me whether I am suppose to use the public share folders or not? Thanks for any answers.

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    Re: How to share files to Xbox 360 without Windows Media Player

    There is way to get that working without using Windows Media Player but it uses the same libraries as WMP. When you will open My Computer, Music, Pictures or any folders then you will see that there is a libraries folder in which Documents, Music, Pictures, etc are listed. This happens to be the same libraries which WMP uses to add its libraries. So, you need to right click on any one of those sub folders in the Libraries folder and choose Properties. You will find a button which says "Include a folder.." and here you need to select any folder on any drive and then contents of that folder will be shared with Xbox 360 but note that you already have to allow it to access your computer via the Network and Sharing Center.

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    Re: How to share files to Xbox 360 without Windows Media Player

    The only thing you have to grab to this technique (because there forever is something) is so as to if you put in or remove files in that folder which you additional to the Libraries, it appears the library will not be updated through those changes. However if you can easily access which folder through the Libraries (as you can observe all the files through the folder) and after that you insert, remove or edit files, those modifications are updated. So as long as you forever remember to do everything through inside the Libraries folder, you should be fine.

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    Re: How to share files to Xbox 360 without Windows Media Player

    What do you mean by saying that you used to share without Media Player, do you mean to say that you were using any third party software to do this? I have heard about some third party applications that can work in a similar way which you are looking for. Normally, the sharing function in Windows 7 needs Windows Media Player. Incase you want to use Media Player and facing any issues with the setup then you can try to use the troubleshoot option in the same app for more help.

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    I was able to find a way to stream Windows 7 to my Xbox 360 but note that it is not that easy to find media sharing properties like in Windows XP. Anyways, what you need to do is open Windows Media Player 12 and then go to Library page. After that open the menu Stream and go to Streaming option to get started. This will block your Xbox automatically so you wont be able to access it at first but after you have selected what you want to share and to whom then you will be able to stream like you used to do on Windows XP.

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