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Thread: Experience With Linux Live CDs on Intel Macs

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    Experience With Linux Live CDs on Intel Macs

    Has someone out there properly booted up and goes successfully one or more of the several Linux live CDs on the Intel Macs and had them functioning in proper way? I am just considering about the Knoppix, SuSE Linux and the things closest to the same. Your experiences, positive or negative, would be most effective . Thank you very much for any suggestion .

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    Re: Experience With Linux Live CDs on Intel Macs

    I have executed the Knoppix on my iMac and I figured out from all side for any alternate issue but have finished without any issues in that case. The only weird thing assumes was when I restarted the system into OS X and I launched up the Terminal windows instead of "Welcome to Darwin!" it stated something about Knoppix. I considered that I didn't got this name previously and it seems very odd for me during that moments , but when I remembered it a few days later it was comes into normal mode.

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    Re: Experience With Linux Live CDs on Intel Macs

    I was working on ubuntu off with the help of a live disk and it was going very fine without any issues there but you are unable to add any more programs after this to the distro once the disk finished from the burning procedure , or save something. At least I didn't figured out how to get this to look to my hard drive to save something. So commonly, it was not so useful for myself. Works good for me to go for the dual boot setup with parallels then I had access to associate the components.

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    Re: Experience With Linux Live CDs on Intel Macs

    I have started a couple of just released Puppy Linux variants (Puppy 4.3.1, Lucid Puppy 5.0, & Quirky Puppy 1.1) on an previously declared core duo macbook pro. Unfortunately, such type of variants don't detects Apple's touchpad or mouse bar ion this case, so I required to go for an external USB mouse to work with this . Alll other components are working fine without any problems , including automatically configuration of display resolution. I did required to manually set up the wireless through a couple of dialog boxes, since I was working on a WPA/PSK router, but it was quite straightforward in the same way.

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    Re: Experience With Linux Live CDs on Intel Macs

    I have used to play both the DVD's (some Disney movies that my kids loved to watch ) and some audio disks (an audio book from the public library) in the evening. [While inserted a liveCD direct boot of Lucid Puppy 5.0 with the external USB mouse on a core duo MBP.] Since Puppy Linux loads within the properly into the RAM, I was able to eject the liveCD and work with the disk drive to play different type of media.

    There is no issues either with the audio book or with the Disney DVD's. Both are working in proper way and fine . I will try the same CD with Quirky Puppy 1.1 and Puppy Linux 4.3.1, but assumes that there is no any difference, since they essentially go with the same programs.

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