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Thread: Error 1316 - Network Error

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    Error 1316 - Network Error

    Hello, I just installed the Kaspersky antivirus on the net and I just downloaded it but blocking its execution because an error message appears saying: "Error 1316 - Network Error when reading the file C / WINDOWS / Installer / kav . What should I do thank you? On the other hand, my computer has one stroke with a message saying that spyware is the cause. What should I do? In advance I thank you for help.

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    Re: Error 1316 - Network Error

    In Windows XP, it is necessary to display the previously hidden files and folders.

    To do this:
    1. Double-click My Computer
    2. Go to''Tools''menu, then Folder Options ...''''
    3. Display''tab''
    4. Select the option''Show hidden files and folders.''
    5. Then confirm with OK.

    This problem is because your installations have been messed up.
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    Re: Error 1316 - Network Error

    First of all windows , try to solve this problem by disabling User Access Control (UAC):

    Go to Control Panel → User Accounts → Enable or disable the User Account Control → uncheck Use User Account Control to help you protect your computer → OK.

    After disabling the user account control, retry the installation.

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    Re: Error 1316 - Network Error

    Use the spyware terminator and since It prevents spyware from attacking your system, but also adware and keyloggers. It works in real time to prevent unauthorized programs can get onto your machine. Spyware Terminator can act discreetly offering you a scan in the background, so you will not be disturbed in your work. Thus a scan daily at 11am in general, all will be delivered in the form of detailed report classified according to levels of potential threats detected.

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    Re: Error 1316 - Network Error

    The error indicates that components of an old application is due to a test or a failed installation are still present. If the trial is already installed, it is not necessary to do a fresh install. Just in option Help unlock the test with your software key. If the error persists, use the Windows Cleanup launch the Windows Installer CleanUp.

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    Re: Error 1316 - Network Error

    If the computer on which it is performed an administrative installation, installed a beta version of Office, you may receive this error message. Perform an administrative installation of the computer on which you have not installed the beta version of Office. Remove the beta version of Office before the administrative installation.

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