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Thread: Silent install does not work using /S argument

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    Silent install does not work using /S argument

    Hi guys !
    I am trying to continue a silent installation of the Flash Player with the help of EXE (executable file ). I didn't come to use the MSI. Actually, I am trying with this command line :

    install_flash_player_10.exe /s


    install_flash_player_ax.exe /s

    But, I have difficulties with both of the commands, both are generating the error message : " Invalid argument or invalid use of argument '/s' " .. Has someone got this issue or error message before? Thank you !

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    Re: Silent install does not work using /S argument

    This can be done because of the interference of another programs with your system causing this error. You should always be quit from the entire browser windows when you are getting prepared to install the browser add-on, this can be helpful for you . This is especially fine if previous elements require to be deleted before the latest version is going to be installed. You are unable to remove out those elements if the browser is actually running in the background .

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    Re: Silent install does not work using /S argument

    Actually, When we create the SMS packages for deployment then we also create uninstall the packages in the event which we require to make this rollback. The silent uninstall command would be for Flash 10.1 :

    install_flash_player_10.exe -uninstall
    It also assumes to clear out both of the ActiveX and Plugin version if both have been installed properly as in current environment. The uninstall string the registry:

    C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\FlashUtil10h_ActiveX.exe -maintain activex

    doesn't perform properly . Thanks for suggestions using -install. I was running with the issues about same .

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    Re: Silent install does not work using /S argument

    I am just assuming from your OP which you are deploying in a Windows based environment . You have to try it as a pre-install command for your script/package:

    taskkill /im "iexplore.exe" /f
    (modify or associate copies as absolute based on the number of browsers your people have access to and the Task Manager 'process' image name for the browser).

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    Re: Silent install does not work using /S argument

    Hi everyone , after investigating and little bit testing on my side, following seems to go well for me

    For the silent installation :

    IE: install_flash_player_10_active_x.exe -install
    Plugin: install_flash_player_10.exe -install

    For silent uninstall (both files are stored at the C:\windows\system32\Macromed\flash or C:\windows\syswow64\Macromed\flash which is based on your operating system flavor):
    IE: FlashUtil10h_ActiveX.exe -uninstall activex
    Plugin: FlashUtil10h_Plugin.exe -uninstall plugin

    If you execute either of the FlashUtil10h_ActiveX.exe or FlashUtil10h_Plugin.exe associated with just "-uninstall", this will go for the uninstallation of both Active-X and Plugin files. I also got these two executable files do not remove themselves after performing an uninstall. There maybe, it gets removed up after attempting a restart? I am removing the file after the uninstall completes. I think, it can be helpful for you !

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