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Thread: How to export pages as EPS in InDesign?

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    How to export pages as EPS in InDesign?

    I have done some basic things in an InDesign. Now I want to export the pages as EPS. I have tried to export that by various methods but noting succeeded. So, thought to take some help from you guys who must be knowing about it. I am creating these pages in InDesign and so provide proper resolutions. In short I want to know how to export pages as EPS in InDesign? Since, I am not having enough knowledge about it, I am expecting some detailed information about the topic.

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    Re: How to export pages as EPS in InDesign?

    Make use of the Export command to export InDesign pages as EPS, you will be capable of import into an additional program. If you export numerous pages, each page is exported as a disconnected file with a figure further at the end of the file name. For instance, if you export pages 2, 4 and 6 and identify the file name Noticias.eps, InDesign will generate three files called Noticias_2.eps, Noticias_4.eps and Noticias_6.eps
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    Re: How to export pages as EPS in InDesign?

    If you want to unwrap pages in Illustrator or InDesign Adobe Photoshop, export the pages as PDF or EPS.
    1. Choose File> Export.
    2. Identify a position and file name. Be convinced to incorporate the extension EPS.
    3. In Save As Type (Windows) or Format (Mac OS), choose EPS and click Save.
    4. Pages in the EPS Export dialog box, do one of the following:
      • Select All Pages to export all pages of the document.
      • Select Interval and state a page range. You can denote an interval with a hyphen and disconnect pages or ranges by commas.
      • Select to export Specifications facing pages as a single file EPS (a statement by EPS).
    5. Set supplementary options.
    6. In blood, type a value between 0p0 and 36p0 to identify additional space for graphics outside the perimeter of the page or the crop area.
    7. Click Export.

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    Re: How to export pages as EPS in InDesign?

    When exporting to EPS, you can spell out the following options:
    • PostScript denotes an echelon of compatibility with the interpreters in PostScript output devices. Level 2 often get better the printing velocity and output eminence of graphics printed on only one output device PostScript Level 2 or above. Level 3 provides the unsurpassed speed and output quality, but necessitates a device PostScript Level 3.
    • Color specifies how color is characterized in the exported file. The subsequent options are analogous to Color Settings dialog box Print.
      • No change Leave each image in its original color space. For instance, if the document encloses three images RGB and CMYK four images, the resulting PDF file will enclose the same RGB and CMYK images.
      • CMYK Create a file that can be alienated by representing all color values with the range of procedure color inks cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
      • Gray Convert all color values in black and white images of elevated quality. Gray levels (shades) of the converted objects symbolize the luminosity of the original objects.
      • RGB corresponds to all color values using color space of red, green and blue. An EPS file with RGB color definitions is more appropriate for screen display.
      • PostScript Color Management Use the document's color data in a calibrated version of the original color space.

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    Re: How to export pages as EPS in InDesign?

    The following are some more options that can be useful for you to exporting to EPS.
    • OPI Image Replacement InDesign lets you reinstate a proxy of low-resolution EPS graphics for high-resolution graphics at the instance of exodus.
    • Pay no attention to OPI selectively imported graphics when sending image data to a printer or file, leaving only the OPI links (comments) for later exploitation by the OPI server.
    • Transparency Flattener Select a value in the Transparency Flattener Preset list of options to identify the lucidity of objects in the exported file. This alternative is the same area Transparency Flattener Advanced Print dialog box.
    • Ink Manager Correct ink options without altering an intend of the document.

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