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Thread: Where to get Adobe PDF reader for Windows CE 5.0 device?

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    Where to get Adobe PDF reader for Windows CE 5.0 device?

    I have a netbook and Windows CE 5.0 is installed on it . Even this becomes with FoxIT reader, it crashed when I move to open my PDF document . As earlier, I had used Adobe PDF reader for my Pocket PC with Windows for Pocket PC 2003 in my Dell Axim X30, I thought that I will get it also to Windows 5.0.

    But when i visited on Adobe official website, I could only find the installation exe file that requires a system running with the Active Sync installed in this. I am not running with such types of computers in my use. Do you know about any installation file (cab) which I could directly download for running on my netbook?

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    Re: Where to get Adobe PDF reader for Windows CE 5.0 device?

    This is one of the software that can be feasible for you known as Foxit Reader which is specially for Windows Mobile, it is a PDF reader program for a types of mobile devices and also includes the Pocket PC, Smartphone and Windows CE. It is compatible with the Windows Mobile 2002/2003/5.0/6.0 and Windows CE 4.2/5.0/6.0. Foxit Reader facilitates the users to simply get the different types of PDF documents and find texts within the PDF documents.

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    Re: Where to get Adobe PDF reader for Windows CE 5.0 device?

    Yeah, that's right ... This would be really helpful for you .It is actually built on Foxit Embedded PDF software development kit , Foxit's new PDF rendering engine for mobile dependent software's. It includes entire key properties of the SDK like capable parsing/rendering and out-of-memory (OOM) recovery. With the help of such new methods, the latest version would be more stable than other, responsive, and user-friendly compared with the older versions.

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    Adobe Reader for Windows Mobile 5

    I have installed the windows 5 mobile edition on my phone but I am getting some issues with the installation and implementation of the adobe reader for my windows mobile. Actually, When I am trying to install this and I continuously receiving a message on my phone which suggests that it cannot install because it is not digitally signed. You got such type of error before ?? Please help me to sort out this issue ?

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    Re: Where to get Adobe PDF reader for Windows CE 5.0 device?

    Can you tell me something about your current device configuration means exactly what device (manufacture and model) are you trying to install on? The "digitally signed" seems as just this might be a smartphone rather than pocketpc-phoneedition (without stylus) and if this is the scenario then there is no adobe reader for such type of platform.

    If this is a ppc-pe then you strictly need to put the device in "unlocked" before you can operate anything.

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