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Thread: Pinnacle Studio Crashes

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    Pinnacle Studio Crashes

    I am currently using the pinnacle studio for my video manipulation. Still yesterday it was running very fluently. But a few days ago it is being crashing. I do not know what is the exact reason, but I have also tried to reinstall the software but the results are the same. If you have an solution or any idea regarding this then please let me know. Thank you.

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    Re: Pinnacle Studio Crashes

    There are two points that we should not neglect that can also greatly affect the operation of Studio. It is rendering in the background and the use of hardware acceleration (in the Setup menu / Edit). Disable these two options can also improve things

    Regarding the use of the GPU, I quite agree with .. (And this is not corporations mode). In my opinion, the video processing is done almost entirely by the processor. The only exception is the display in the preview and rendering HFX when the hardware acceleration option is active.

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    Re: Pinnacle Studio Crashes

    In my case, the 8.10.4.c:
    - Works perfectly in terms of crashes: I produce DVDs from MPEG2 sources. I use almost all options: all sorts of transitions, titles or encrusted main runway, the 3 soundtracks, menu hierarchy.
    Editing is smooth, no crashes on record or compilation.

    - So I produce DVDs with this version when I was never successful with the previous versions (many crashes in publishing and record, I could not even compile)

    (FYI, I have left the PBS which are functional in nature and reproducible, but I know how to circumvent them. Studio handles poorly sources MPEG2 GOP structure which is compatible but not compatible with MPEG2 format DVD, which is more restrictive : Under certain conditions, he forgets to encode and rejects the project further, we must force the re-encoding)

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    Re: Pinnacle Studio Crashes

    I could not find my version of Studio (8.5.21) to indicate to me that this concerned the version 8.10.4c I installed version 8.10.4c, but I have no trace of the above two DLL but only those I spoke in the post (LTCLR13n.dll, and LTCRL13s.dll ltkrn13n.dll). However, on my config Studio does not crash ever, about my graphics card is an ATI Radeon.

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