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Thread: How to activate my licence for nero 9

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    How to activate my licence for nero 9

    I have been using a dell inspiron laptop and recently which is running with windows 7. i have installed the Nero 9 application for burning me cd's and dvd's this will definitely help me to get rid of this application. I have been using Another software for this purpose. Now the Nero 9 application is asking me to activate my license i wanted to know How to activate my licence for nero 9. Please help

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    Re: How to activate my licence for nero 9

    To unlock the trial version of Nero 9, you will have to enter the serial key in Nero ControlCenter Nero 9.
    To do this, follow these steps:
    • Click "Start" in the Windows taskbar.
    • Then select the entries "All Programs" → "Nero" → "Nero ControlCenter".
    • Nero ControlCenter will open.
    • In Nero ControlCenter, click on the "License" button on the left.
    • The license screen appears.
    • Enter your serial number in the edit box "New Serial Number" and click the Add button.
    • Your trial version of Nero 9 is the full version of Nero 9.

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    Re: How to activate my licence for nero 9

    The demo version of Nero 9 can be tested for 15 days from the date of installation devoid of any limit (except the fabrication and playback BD-AV). After this period, the trial version of Nero expires. You can not live without Nero 9. Request a serial number for Nero 9 on our online store. If you already have Nero 9 Essentials, Nero 8 or an older version of Nero, you can get upgrade to Nero 9 at a very levelheaded price.

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    Re: How to activate my licence for nero 9

    Your Nero software includes certain features that have need of the activation of a third party rights. The activation of these patents is easy and free of charge. If you prefer to activate the patent at a later time, you can still use the meticulous features, but you will receive intermittent reminders that activation needs to transpire within 30 days of your initial use of the product. After this 30-day period you must activate the patent technology before you can continue using the corresponding features.

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    Re: How to activate my licence for nero 9

    I've done almost everything there was to do, but unfortunately for me I still can not uninstall nero 7 a real leech. I tried everything including the ccleaner, RegCleaner, general clean tool but there is nothing to are doing. Help me please. thank you in advance. I wanted to make pretty pure nero slideshows ... I love doing that but then I do not know what to do and especially how.

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    Re: How to activate my licence for nero 9

    This appears as your nero application has been corrupted and hence you are not able to get rid of this application event though you have used certain very powerful applications. You need to repair this application once after repairing the application you can unsinatall the same without any sort of problem. Hope that this help.

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    Re: How to activate my licence for nero 9

    At the beginning of the install I specified that I do not want the ASK toolbar, but Nero said that right after that it works well you have to install ToolBar ASK. Please tell me how to get rid of this ask tool bar which is installed on my tool bar.

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