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Thread: Messages hung up on Hotmail server

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    Messages hung up on Hotmail server

    I have installed Outlook application and I am very satisfied with experience. But I wanted to create an email account to hotmail which should be able to retrieve the messages in my hotmail box. It has been assumed in account but the error message here at the opening hours of messages :
    Task 'Hotmail: Folder: Inbox Synchronizing'.
    Also I have observed that the messages are hanging my Outlook applications. Does anyone know about this problem and solution.?? Please help me as soon as possible.

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    Re: Messages hung up on Hotmail server

    I think that you are going somewhere wrong while accessing your Hotmail account in Outlook Express. To access your Hotmail account in Outlook Express follow the steps :
    1. In the Tools menu in Outlook Express, click Accounts.
    2. In the Internet Accounts dialog box, click the Add button.
    3. Click Email to open the Internet Connection Wizard, then follow the instructions to configure your existing Hotmail account. You only need your user name and your Hotmail password.
    4. Enter your name and click Next.
    5. Enter the email address of your Hotmail account (for example, and click Next.
    6. In the My mail server for incoming mail server, select HTTP. This means that the version of Outlook Express you are using supports Hotmail accounts.
    7. In the Incoming Mail Server box, type :
    8. Enter your username and your Hotmail password, then click Next. Your name
    9. username is the first part of your Hotmail address.
    10. Click Finish.

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    Re: Messages hung up on Hotmail server

    If mistakes were made, such as a spelling error or the domain name was not registered, you will need to make corrections before continuing. So check the error messages and return to the page e-mail account, click Close. The icon in the inbox from MSN or Hotmail will appear in the toolbar of Outlook. Remember that MSN Hotmail has comprehensive online help. To access, simply click on "Help" in the upper right corner of the page.

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    Re: Messages hung up on Hotmail server

    Microsoft has developed a plugin that makes it easy to add your hotmail account to Outlook. And it works. So you can visit Microsoft site and search for this plugin. You should also know that All Windows Live Hotmail accounts can be used with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 or Office Outlook 2003, subject to first install Outlook connector. And if one has a non-original, can not be valid Outlook with Office Genuine Advantage so you have no right to download the patch. Therefore, we can not use Outlook and Hotmail, so ENJOY Microsoft.

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    Re: Messages hung up on Hotmail server

    You can try to configure your Outlook Express. Configuring Outlook Express can be done in following manner :
    1. For that you should first click on Tools menu, then click Accounts.
    2. Click the Add button, then click Mail. A window should open assistant
    3. Enter the name and click Next
    4. Enter your Hotmail or MSN email
    5. Select "POP3" in the selection list the type of mail server.
    6. In the field "Incoming server (POP3):
    7. In the field "Outgoing Server (SMTP) put
    8. Enter the email address and password associated, then click on Next and then click Done.
    9. Click the new account is created then Property (In the window from which you created the account)
    10. Go to the tab "Outgoing Server"
    11. Check "My server requires authentication"
    12. In "Advanced Options" in the field "Port of the incoming server" type 995 and type in the outgoing port 587
    13. Check "This server requires an encrypted connection ssl"
    14. In "Use the following type of encrypted connection", select Automatic

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    Re: Messages hung up on Hotmail server

    How about, if only you can not access Hotmail and MSN Messenger services can these probable causes of your failure :
    1. If you connect to a network and request the service through an Internet proxy, it is likely that the network administrator has blocked the service.
    2. Another option is that your ISP has problems with your network and / or has made an ips filtering of sites, affecting the service described.
    3. Another possibility is that a problem of virus or spyware software that you PC has partially blocked.
    4. Beech attempted to access a rush hour where the system denies you service Hotmail.
    5. Do not be properly configured Internet connection properties, this is if you connect to a network or direct output.
    6. Have installed software that will act as the Guardian of the system that prevents you perform certain actions on your PC privileges including access to the services described.

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    Re: Messages hung up on Hotmail server

    The page is slow and heavy advertising gets all mails that catches and good safety is questionable, I use it, simply because it is what everybody has, and because when I do not there gmail, or yahoo, with its infinite capacity, recently announced, among other alternatives. First download a plugged-in, as is a webmail hotmail and could not download mail. Once installed you are going to mail preferences, and you add an account, you will have to select account type httpmail in the name you like and email address, you like the sync. Then you will have to give your information.

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