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Thread: Best backup solution for Windows XP

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    Best backup solution for Windows XP

    Hi mates,, as you know i am a Windows Vista user. But am here to know something about Windows XP. Well, i know its old system but one of my friend is new for this and on behalf oh him i wanted to know that which is the best backup application for Windows XP operating system.

    I know about Norton Ghost, that is best according to me but my friend is not much familiar with such imaging software. I need some solution that can backup incremental every day and automatically make a image of the system every week.

    Is there anything like that ? If yes, please let me know soon. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Best backup solution for Windows XP

    The need to find solutions when it comes to Windows backups are larger than the number of computers running on Windows. All versions of Windows comes with Windows backup. Built in the backup program is made to work with tapes and hard drives. There are different ways to backup Windows and there are various backup programs for Windows sold by independent software producers. What you need is a reliable backup program that is easy to use program that can be used for backup to CD, DVD disc to another server, ZIP drives or make backups on the Internet.

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    Re: Best backup solution for Windows XP

    As you said your friend is not much familiar with imaging applications like Ghost than the best suggestion i can provide is UltraBackup. It is a very handy backup program that is used for convenient backup process. It has some interesting features like:

    1. More options intervals (one week on 2 eg.)
    2. Restore feature integrated
    3. Reliable operation except when the PC is idle.
    4. No FTP
    5. Programming with Wizard Finish button
    6. And more..

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    Re: Best backup solution for Windows XP

    Well you can try Handy Backup and enjoy the best protection and reliability of your data! It is based on the newest technologies that provide optimal experiences and uses the best of what Windows can provide. It is easy to install, perfect operation, safe, reliable and provides data protection for users of all levels. It can also take your system backup automatically at the sheduled time, as you ask. Download Handy Backup from here.

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    Re: Best backup solution for Windows XP

    With NovaBACKUP you have Windows XP for a scheduler fledge, decorated attribute support to backup Windows XP and the registry data. More protection against viruses and security encryption. With the registered version is InstantRecovery is one of the windows backup utility complete disaster recovery, reducing downtime to a full recovery now.

    All MS Windows 32-bit versions of Windows XP, 2000, Me, 95 and 98 are supported in the Workstation version of Windows XP Edition, the backup software products.With the efficient data compression, user-friendly interface and a robust scheduler. On each CD there are multiple languages. For all your needs, it is an encompassing backup, restore and disaster recovery plan.

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    Re: Best backup solution for Windows XP

    I use Windows 7 native backup for imaging but I heard that Macrium Reflect for image backups is very good.


    I also use a file cdp backup product called Oops!Backup that focuses on file backups but with CDP technology so it's all automated. Very easy to use and saved me a couple of times already.


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    Re: Best backup solution for Windows XP

    Windows Xp has a great feature of making Restore Point. In order to store data from Windows XP you have to create a Restore Point go to System Restore in System Tools. Click on "Create a Restore Point" and click Next. Enter a name for the Restore Point. This is useful if you make a registration system or change and want to return to its previous configuration. A restore point is the minimum amount of files on your system you need to make the system work properly.

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    Re: Best backup solution for Windows XP

    Windows Backup Restore is one of the best tools for backup recovery of Windows, able to retrieve all data from BKF files. SysTools Windows Backup Restore is an advanced backup creates a backup of all your important files, such as documents, images, videos, audio, etc. with the help of our advanced tools to restore backup Windows users can easily get your precious data with NTBackup utility in minutes.

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    Re: Best backup solution for Windows XP

    I recommend Handy Backup, it's easy and reliable backup software (compatible with Windows).
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    Re: Best backup solution for Windows XP

    I think online backup are the best way to secure your files, a hard-drive backup that sits next to your computer is a nice start, but it doesn’t give you protection against fire, theft or flooding. personally I use ZenOK Online Backup[, it works very good
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