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Thread: Cinema 4d vs Maya

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    Cinema 4d vs Maya

    I am trying to find which one is the best graphic editing tool. There are two in my views the first one is Cinema 4D and the second one is Maya. I want to learn something in graphic animation and that will be only possible if I am able to understand this software. I am not able to understand which tool here will be best. Compare to Maya, Cinema 4D looks a higher one and also a complicated one. I want to start learning one among them so that I can pursue my career in graphic animation. Can anyone help me to find out which one is the best here.

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    Compare to Maya Cinema 4D is the most highest one. It will provide you output through different modes. You can get amazing Effects on it. It offers you Combustion, Apple Motion, eyeon Fusion, and FCP. This are inside the project you can just apply them on your animation. Cinema 4D is widely used outside and brings international standards. Maya can be learned by anyone who has curiosity in animation but you need to go for professional courses if you are willing to use Cinema 4D.

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    The best answer you can get is through comparing different animation software. There are ample of them which can give you detailed features. Compare to Cinema 4D, Maya is quiet popular and has ample of online tutorials. I think you can start working on that to create basic animation and then work on the same. You dont have to really work hard on understanding how maya works. I found the tutorials on that very easy.

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