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Thread: Joining avi.001 and avi.002

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    Joining avi.001 and avi.002

    I have downloaded a movie recently and have found out that there are in parts like avi.001, avi.002 and so on. I am able to start the first file using a program called virtualdub. The issue is that I am not able to start the second part of the movie, that is the send file with the help of this program. So, I am searching for some solutions or softwares that will help me for joining avi.001 and avi.002. I am using Windows 7 operating system. Any information on this topic is duly appreciated.

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    Re: Joining avi.001 and avi.002

    Hello there, I suppose that your query about joining avi.001 and avi.002 has been already been solved on our forums. For the solutions of the same, I suggest you to have a glance at the following thread:
    If you get the right solution, then just let me know. Also, if you have any other queries, then they are also welcome.

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    Re: Joining avi.001 and avi.002

    On searching the internet, I have found some softwares that are helpful for joining avi.001 and avi.002. I have mentioned some of them below:
    1. AVI DivX/Xvid Video Joiner 1.2
    2. Avi Fix Repair Joiner 2.11
    3. AVI Joiner 1.02
    4. Quick AVI MPEG Joiner

    All the above softwares have a simple and flexible interface and hence, they can be used with ease by any of the users, that is beginners as well as experienced.

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    Re: Joining avi.001 and avi.002

    There are many problems of virtualdub with the Windows 7 operating system. Many of the users have complained that this program is incompatible with this operating system. Hence, it will be better if you switch to some other program for playing the avi files. So, you will not have to search for a software or program for joining avi.001 and avi.002.
    All the best......

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    Re: Joining avi.001 and avi.002

    Hey, I am not able to understand why there is a need for joining avi.001 and avi.002. Are you not able to play the files one after the other. Well anyways, I am using a software called HJSLPIT for splitting as well as merging the avi files. So, your problem of joining avi.001 and avi.002 will also be solved. This is the best solution for solving your situation.

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    Re: Joining avi.001 and avi.002

    Before trying to use any of the tools for joining avi.001 and avi.002, I suggest you to run the hardware and software evaluation wizard in your system after the installation of the tools. This will let you know whether the particular tools are compatible with the Windows 7 operating system or not. This method should be used for all the softwares and applications used in Windows 7.

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    Re: Joining avi.001 and avi.002

    If you are facing the issues of joining avi.001 and avi.002 because of an incompatibility problem, then you can try using the compatibility mode. You just have to start the particular software for the merging in the compatibility mode, that is with the help of the option for troubleshoot compatibility, that is available when you right-click on the icon of the merging software.

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