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Thread: Registry access denied in Windows 2000

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    Registry access denied in Windows 2000

    Whenever, I right click in Windows Explorer, a dialog box appears and says that "Registry access denied". How can I get rid of it? I am unable to see any obvious error messages in the Event Viewer. The only error I can found is:

    "The KLIF service failed to start due to the following error:
    The system cannot find the file specified."

    If it is close to the "Registry access denied", how can I find out that which one file is missing to active it ?


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    Registry access denied in Windows 2000

    The windows registry id only accessed by the administrator of the system and I think you have disabled the option of the full control over the registry. Just make it enable.

    In your Admin account, Enter into Regedt32, and choose HK_Local_Machine, then after Security=>Permissions, be sure that the Administrator Group contains the "Full control" and "Read" permissions set in the "Allow" column. Now do the same thing for the another options as HK_Current_User.

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    Registry access denied in Windows 2000


    There are some unwanted programs which are not compatible to run with the windows are playing most important role to occur such type of error. I found the causes of the error it happens when I downloaded zipx for windows. try going back at how long you have had the issue then try uninstalling any freeware you downloaded just before this time.

    You also need to remove this type of software's which causes the error after enabling the permission on the administrative controls.

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    How to resolve this registry error

    To fix the issue of this problem you have to do the following :

    • Open Start menu and click on Run option.
    • Enter regedt32, and press enter .
    • Click on the HKEY_USERS on Local Machine window. Double-click on DEFAULT => Software => FRxWebSettings and then choose FRxISAPIExtender key.
    • From the Security menu, just click on the Permissions. Click the Add button. choose the local machine and move down in the list until you get the IWAM_ account, choose proper account and then click the Add button. Click OK.
    • From the Permissions part, choose the Full Control box. The Launch Process Account must be readable, create, and modify keys, so Full Control is needed.
    • Click on OK to close the Permissions for FRxISAPIExtender window.
    • Now close the Registry Editor.
    • Update the links and images and now you are free from the errors.

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    Registry access denied in Windows 2000

    If you are unable to get the proper solution of your registry error then you need to take another step to solve your problem but first, are you clicking on your "Files" as you are written, or are you retrieving the registry editor and attempting to configure a registry key?
    One thing should be care, accepting ownership of the files must be done from an administrator login.

    If you are in the registry and getting the message and you are using Vista or Windows 7 then in this situation you need turn off User Account Control and find the "regedit.exe" file. After getting the location of the registry launcher file just make a right click on it and then select "Run as administrator" option.

    The Malware can also cause the problem as well, If you didn't care about this earlier during download, install, update, then you need a full scan of the system using powerful antispyware programs.

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