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Thread: Issues fixing corrupted files in Windows Vista

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    Issues fixing corrupted files in Windows Vista

    I have Vista Home Premium installed on my laptop.
    I opened Elevated Command Prompt, and ran sfc /scannow to check integrity of my system files and I got following outcome in my Comand prompt window:

    C:\Windows\system32>sfc /scannow

    Beginning system scan. This process will take some time.

    Beginning verification phase of system scan.
    Verification 100% complete.
    Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of th
    Details are included in the CBS.Log windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example

    Then I verified my CBS.log file and found out that there were many lines indicating:

    2010-04-03 22:54:43, Info CSI 00000087 [SR] Verify complete
    2010-04-03 22:54:43, Info CSI 00000088 [SR] Verifying 100 (0x00000064) components
    2010-04-03 22:54:43, Info CSI 00000089 [SR] Beginning Verify and Repair transaction
    2010-04-03 22:54:52, Info CSI 0000008a Repair results created:
    POQ 30 starts:
    0: Move File: Source = [l:192{96}]"\SystemRoot\WinSxS\Temp\PendingRenames\77be2632a2d3ca018f0c000004124005._0000000000000000.cdf-ms", Destination = [l:104{52}]"\SystemRoot\WinSxS\FileMaps\_0000000000000000.cdf-ms"
    1: Move File: Source = [l:162{81}]"\SystemRoot\WinSxS\Temp\PendingRenames\c7812732a2d3ca01900c000004124005.$$.cdf-ms", Destination = [l:74{37}]"\SystemRoot\WinSxS\FileMaps\$$.cdf-ms"
    2: Move File: Source = [l:224{112}]"\SystemRoot\WinSxS\Temp\PendingRenames\b7ad2e32a2d3ca01910c000004124005.$$_digitallocker_c114c0cb17 9413b0.cdf-ms", Destination = [l:136{68}]"\SystemRoot\WinSxS\FileMaps\$$_digitallocker_c114c0cb179413b0.cdf-ms"
    3: Set Key Value: Key = [l:168{84}]"\Registry\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\Sysprep\Generalize", Value = [l:76{38}]"{2bb19ac6-a2ac-d945-b1a6-321233838362}", Type = REG_SZ (1), Data = {l:110 b:43003a005c00570069006e0064006f00770073005c00530079007300740065006d00330032005c00640068006300700063 007300760063002e0064006c006c002c00440068006300700043006c00690065006e0074005f00470065006e006500720061 006c0069007a0065000000}

    POQ 30 ends.

    Can anyone let me know what SystemRoot\Winsxs\Temp\PendingRenames directory stands for and why all these files were moved to SystemRoot\WinSxS\FileMaps directory?
    I attached my CBS.log file and is it possible that someone takes a look at [SR] entries in order find out why sfc commant detected corrupted files?

    I searched this log file for Corrupted keyword and couldn't find any entries in it.
    Should I still be concerned?
    Is there a directory that holds snapshots of intact system files that could be used to replace corrupted ones?
    Any reply would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Re: Issues fixing corrupted files in Windows Vista

    I will better recommend you to use Vista Repair option. If you are in this case, try Vista Repair from the installation DVD . The option to try first is the System Restore. Before attempting a repair, consider using System Restore . This feature allows you to fix most bugs. This is the most easiest way and better way instead of dealing with most of the fix.

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