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Thread: Advanced System Care 3 against CCleaner

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    Advanced System Care 3 against CCleaner

    Hello, I have been searching for the software for cleaning my registries. I have been suggested to use an Advanced System Care 3. As i have used CCleaner from last 2 years but not satisfied much with its performance. Can you guys help me to know about an Advanced System Care 3 like how it works and is it better then the CCleaner? What is the difference between an Advanced System Care 3 and CCleaner.

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    Re: Advanced System Care 3 against CCleaner

    I think both of this software are good as they both do the same work. Both Advanced System Care 3 as well as CCleaner are used to clean the registry of your computer. I have used an Advanced System Care 3, It is good to use it but i do not have any idea about the CCleaner as i have never used it. But i think both must be the same at their performance.

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    Re: Advanced System Care 3 against CCleaner

    Actually any freeware for cleaning the registry of your windows operating system would be almost same in their functionality. But if you want to clear your registry more deeply then you must go for buying a software to clean up your registry as it would be definitely giving you the more clear and results. This both are freeware so they would be working almost same.

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    Re: Advanced System Care 3 against CCleaner

    You should be using any free software smartly so that you can provide whatever your computer needs. I think you must use both of this softwares as if any freeware for clearing the registry would be keep some of the work pending so if you run another software after completing the first clean by first software then your registry gets cleaned in much nice way. And i have noticed that second cleaner tool also cleans up which has been missed by the first software.

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    Re: Advanced System Care 3 against CCleaner

    I think you should use Advanced System Care 3 as it has some more feature as compare to the CCleaner. And i am using an Advanced System Care 3 from last 2 months as i have used CCleaner as well but i liked the Advanced System Care 3. I think you must try to use it once and you may both the software. I have provided the link to download the CCleaner so click on its name to download it.

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    Re: Advanced System Care 3 against CCleaner

    No matter what software you use to clean up your windows registries but you must be using the good copy and a full version of the software as it is so important to keep on cleaning your registry. It true that purchased software would be more capable then the freeware but you may use several freewares one after the another so that your registry gets cleaned by all the different tools.

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