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Thread: How is picture processing software iRoundPic

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    How is picture processing software iRoundPic

    Hi all,

    I want to quickly generated automatically rounded picture, polygon images, add watermark to images, convert image format, compressed image size, full support for batch operations. then i found and download the software iRoundPic. Can anybody have any experience of this software. Please reply.

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    Re: How is picture processing software iRoundPic

    The software rich functionality, can help you achieve the production of wallpaper, cell phone wallpaper production, batch image format conversion, batch image compression, batch image watermarks to add other complex tasks. Simple familiarity with the use of the software, you will find not only the use of the software is extremely convenient, while containing a wealth of features to facilitate the definition of more personalized your own making. Website development, graphic design, interface, landscaping, Shop users, and material tools for the convenience of staff. Check and reply.

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    How is picture processing software iRoundPic

    Thereare many features of iRoundPic
    (1) Rapid production of rounded diagram, right-angle diagram, angle map, CORNER maps, reflection maps, shadow maps, torn edge map, watermark map.
    (2) Fast crop pictures, automatic ratio of processing, support for hand-select the exact.
    (3) Convert image formats, optimized compressed image file size.
    (4) In order to add a picture watermark all kinds of styles, and other elements.
    (5) Fast desktop screenshot, application shots, Camera screenshot directly to production.
    (6) Supports the creation, conversion output of up to seven kinds of image format.

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    How is picture processing software iRoundPic

    iRoundPic support any set of output size and the source selection screen cut. It three kinds of transparency to create the output formats, and support direct output icon. The high-quality graphics processing, all content to support anti-aliasing. All the functions, effects, element support transparent properties. All the functions, effects, elements can be superimposed, and supports batch processing. It supports drag and drop option visualization elements of editing, fast and easy.The suitable for production of advertising banners, transparent buttons, photo processing, computer desktop wallpaper, mobile wallpaper, calendar wallpaper pictures, forum avatar, storefronts display pictures, diagrams and other multi-purpose blog. All the best.

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    Re: How is picture processing software iRoundPic

    It suitable for rapid production of a transparent mask, the bulk quote for similar products such as produce or Group as mask material. It support the rapid production of graphic material, for the PS and other graphic production software provides a beautiful material. It simple operation, users do not need any drawing operation or ability to get started or to use. All the best.

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    Re: How is picture processing software iRoundPic

    The software, compact convenience, features picture production, highly integrated, does not require large-scale graphics software to complete. The localization does not depend on the use of networks, fully guarantee the security of the original image material and privacy. It is free unlimited use. Check and reply.

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