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Thread: Microsoft Access to prevent database corruption

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    Microsoft Access to prevent database corruption

    Hi friends,
    I have recently started with the Microsoft Access. I have done the basic things with it before but now I am using it as my backend for the project. I am making a project in Visual Basic and I want to use the Microsoft Access as the backend for storing the data. But I don't know about an Access as a database. Does Access helps to prevent database corruption.?? Please provide me the detailed information about it.!!

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    Re: Microsoft Access to prevent database corruption

    Sharing a database file on the network only, instead of dividing the database MS Access, has been found by Microsoft to be the number one cause of database corruption. A common cause of corruption is a network connection dropped when writing to MS Access back-end files. So I would like to suggest you to not the share a database file on the network. If you want to prevent the database corruption with the help of Microsoft Access, then it is better to divide the database. You can split the database into two following parts :
    1. the front-end forms, reports, queries, and data access pages,
    2. the back-end tables containing your data.

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    Re: Microsoft Access to prevent database corruption

    Security data must also be a concern, along with problems of database corruption. Since Microsoft application link file access back-end MS Access file located on a central server, different users can assign different permission levels. You can assign a read-only permission to your database, while assigning others to read and write. The server can be used to grant different permission levels to link MS Access to the network folder. The network or system administrator can set these for you.
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    Re: Microsoft Access to prevent database corruption

    Since the chances of data corruption increases with poor network rewrites also consider the performance issue. The performance of the database will greatly improve the link Microsoft application file access to fund MS Access file containing only the data tables in Access. The reason is that only data is sent over the network. In a shared database that is not divided, the database objects themselves (tables, queries, forms, reports, macros and modules) should be sent through the network, not just data. Hope that you got some hints for preventing the database corruption.

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    Re: Microsoft Access to prevent database corruption

    If you want to avoid the database corruption, then you will have to follow the described things :
    1. You will have to use the Network Cards of good quality. According to me, it would be good to match the manufacturers of all your NICs and also try to use the same brand as the hubs or switches.
    2. Always keep your operating system and device drivers updated. The major reason for crashing the database is the badly written device drivers.
    3. Use the proper and updated anti-virus to keep your system away from the malwares and viruses.
    4. Don’t leave the database open. Leaving the database open increases the possibilities of corruption, so get your users to close their applications.
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    Re: Microsoft Access to prevent database corruption

    Because only the data is sent across the network, record transactions such as database registry edits are completed more quickly. This reduces network traffic and resulting in increased network speed. Upload the entire application (forms, controls, code, etc) locally and using only one link from MS Access to data interface will make your application run faster because the form or report is sitting on the local workstation hard disk to retrieve it saves time over the network.
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