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Thread: cannot rename files - access denied

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    cannot rename files - access denied

    When I went to rename a folder I got the message,"cannot rename new folder. Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use." I try this activity as a administrator in the different section of the hard drive. I configured the permissions and ownership settings. The only new software that I have added just was to upgrade Netscape to ver. 4.61. I am familiar to work with windows NT but this has me stumped!

    Help me to sort out this problem.

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    cannot rename files - access denied

    The file or folder about which you are talking,where is it stored. For renaming an object, Windows NT Explorer requires to delete the previous object to create the new object.

    So just be sure about that you actually have the delete permissions with the particular file or folder. You need to create a new folder with a random name in NT Explorer then after the similar folder in WINFILE. If it acts well in WINFILE but not working in NT Explorer. Then the delete permissions is creating the issue of this error. WINFILE doesn't support default names).Try this.

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    cannot rename files - access denied

    Hello sir,

    Thanks for considering my problem.I am using NTFS partition on the hard drive. I am unable to rename any of the file or folder in the disk area .The hard driver is divided in 2 partitions. I am unable to rename a file using WINFILE. I don't know to configure the permission and Where is it locates in the explorer. how does it different from the permissions which I have configured already as a administrator.

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    cannot rename files - access denied

    Actually,There are two group of permissions included and introduced within the windows based system and depends how you treat them. The first is placed on the panel where you got the file share permissions.

    Where as the second is placed on the security tab. Check both of then to be sure one is not conflicting with the other. Also have you investigate who is the permission handler means the owner of the files ?

    About a folder,I will create a new one folder with the name you need and drag all the components from the previously created folder.

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    cannot rename files - access denied

    There are some another rule is applied to handle the files in the linux based system. Linux is purely based on the permission which is a powerful methid to handle the files with appropriate user.

    You can set the permissions for the files and folders using the properties of the particular file or folder.You can check your system for virus infection.There are many cases,where you got that files is used by another program and can not make any operation on that.

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