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Thread: Need some information of Eye Candy 6

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    Need some information of Eye Candy 6

    The adobe Photoshop is really nice tool for photo editing and effects. A similar for that is eye candy 6. The issue is that I am using a Mac PC. I want a tool that can help me to add nice effects to a photo. For this does eye candy is really nice tool. What are the different features of this tool and what are the drawbacks of the same.

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    Re: Need some information of Eye Candy 6

    The Eye Candy 6 is and modernizes from the preceding or earlier Eye Candy 5 - which had three dissimilar iterations of 10 dissimilar property every. I did an evaluation of one of them, collision, and here. This innovative version of Eye Candy has all 30 dissimilar properties. If you have used precedent versions of Eye Candy, the one thing that determine really stand out is an important increase in speed. In view of the fact that most Macs at the present time have multi-core processors, this innovative release does take full utilize of those multi-cores for a big speed boost.

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    Re: Need some information of Eye Candy 6

    The one of the restrictions of by means of the Filter menu to have a right of entry Eye Candy is that when you desire to do something to several texts, the texts have to be rasterized previous to Eye Candy be able to utilize the text. Once the text is rasterized, it cannot be distorted. On the other hand, if you have Photoshop CS3 or CS4, you can renovate your text coating into a Smart Object previous to applying in the least Eye Candy Filter. Text as Smart Objects not only does not necessitate being rasterized previous to filter processing, you are able to right of entry the original text at several time.

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    Re: Need some information of Eye Candy 6

    This means you are able to for eternity go back and modify, regulate, or fine tune your Eye Candy settings as well as modify your text. [Note: if your innovative text is longer than the innovative text, you will necessitate enlarging the size of the Canvas. Otherwise, several letters that lie outside the innovative canvas determine not exist after accepting the text modify.] One additional problem is that if you are using your text (or object) in a Smart Layer, be confident to twist off the alternative "Generate Output in New Layer Above Current" for the reason that that becomes superfluous and recurring actions.

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    Re: Need some information of Eye Candy 6

    The two dissimilar sets of Filters (Text & Selections and Textures) are alienated for the reason that they do work (frequently) on two dissimilar types of pictures. The first one, Text and Selections, can modify several object or selection in the picture. [More on Textures a bit advance down in the evaluation.] Thus, if you have various texts, which is always in its own layer, EC6 can affect that. If you have several picture in its own layer, EC6 can consequence that as well. Finally, if you have several selected substance in a picture, EC6 will affect the selected item on the page. Thus, in my picture of snow on top of, I used the Elliptical Marquee tool to choose an oval area in below the text "Winterfresh."

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    Re: Need some information of Eye Candy 6

    The Eye Candy 6 does not include a Filter Gallery and might do well to insert one. One of the characteristics is that was dropped from the earlier version or description was the capability to modify the unambiguous filter consequence without having to leave the filter surroundings. Presently, if you have preferred Swirl and desire to observe what Marble might do for you, you necessitate canceling out of Eye Candy, and choosing Marble as you re-enter Eye Candy.

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