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Thread: WordPad help-Saving as-over another IMPORTANT document

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    WordPad help-Saving as-over another IMPORTANT document

    I'm actually writing for my boyfriend, because he doesn't know what else to do. He wrote an extremely important paper for college that is due in a few days. It was several pages long and he planned on sending it to his email, so he could print it out, but it kind of slipped his mind because he had to attend another class. When he came home, he started writing something else, in regards to college and SAVED AS, over the seven page document he truly needs. Please tell me there's a way of retrieving this back...He's going crazy, because he stayed up all night doing this paper and he could possibly flunk the class. He doesn't remember ever detail of what he wrote, so writing it over is not even a possibility right now. Can someone PLEASE attempt to try helping me? I suggested doing a system restore point on his computer, but after reading through, it said it won't touch documents, photos or anything of the sort. Someone please get back to me as soon as possible, as this is very important. Thank you in advance for any help that is given. Please don't write that he's "Screwed" or anything. If it's gone, it's gone--But I told him I would try to help, since I know a little more about computers than he does and can walk him through, if advice is given. P.S. I apologize if this is written in the wrong thread, but he is using Windows XP--I use Vista. So I wasn't sure where to even post this, I just know we need help.
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    WordPad help-Saving as-over another IMPORTANT document

    I don't think so he would be able to get back those documents but then too i would suggest you to check out the below link where they had provided solution i hope it works for you

    How To Recover a Microsoft Word Document

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