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Thread: What Mask Surf can do?

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    What Mask Surf can do?

    Hello, I have bought a brand new computer system on which i have installed windows vista. And i have got an internet connection too but these days it is so simple to hack the computers while you are connected to the internet. So i was searching for a tool which can make me safe while i am connected to the world wide web. I have been suggested to use Mask Surf, Can anybody give some idea that what can i do with Mask Surf?

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    About Mask Surf.

    Mask Surf is an Internet activity anonymizing tool which can be used to secure your privacy by hiding your identity while surfing the web. You can also clean your browser's activities so your computer stays anonymous on the inside as well. There are three types of versions in Mask Surf namely Mask Surf Pro, Mask Surf Standard and Mask Surf Lite.

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    Re: What Mask Surf can do?

    Mask Surf Lite is an all-in-one online privacy solution. Besides anonymous surfing it provides you with the feature of cleaning browser traces on your computer so that your Internet activity stays anonymous on the inside as well. Mask Surf Lite is available for a small, one-time fee instead of monthly subscription payments, which is typical for anonymous services. Mask Surf Lite supports wide range of Internet programs and is available for Windows 2000\XP.

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    Drawbacks of Mask Surf.

    There are some drawbacks in Mask Surf Lite as this software can only provide protection for the Instant Messengers below Windows Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ and AIM 5.9. And main drawback is that it does not have support for Opera Browser. Your IP address will be remaining same until you restart the program. It does not provide an option to change the IP after certain intervals.

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    Mask Surf Professional.

    Mask Surf Professional is an easy to use anonymizer based on a highly complex technology called Tor. Tor is an open project aimed at providing the highest level of security for online surfers that is pioneered by some of the best network experts in the world. Mask Surf Professional makes good use of the array of encrypted Tor tunnels and distributed servers and offers you a level of protection you’ve never imagined. The professional edition of the application is geared for advanced users that need more control and flexibility than regular surfers.

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    Compare Mask Surf Pro, Standard & Lite.

    Mask Surf Lite is an Internet activity anonymizing tool by the help of which you can hide your identity when your surf through the world wide web. There are some differences between the three versions of Mask Surf that is Professional, Standard and Lite such as there is no Advanced privacy settings and Masking information about the browser being used, the type of operating system and the language in the Mask Surf Lite. Selection of a country-specific IP address and Custom privacy test is only provided in the Professional version.

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