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Thread: How codec plays a role in video quality

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    How codec plays a role in video quality

    How does codecs play a vital role in working of a audio and video files. There are numerous formats on internet. Some players does not play all of them. Like I have Quicktime for the same. Its updates put some codec information about the audio format which make it works. But does this thing remains still active at the time of conversion of a media.

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    Re: How codec plays a role in video quality

    The system compression / decompression (codec) are intended to sufficiently reduce the flow of data to allow the sequence to pass through the support provided. Each codec has these features that makes it more or less well adapted to the carriers involved. It is really recommended that you must carry all the latest codec information on your computer to avoid errors.

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    Re: How codec plays a role in video quality

    Lossless is a type of codec in which the data is compressed but the return we find exactly the original unaltered; this type of compression is not very effective in video or audio With loss (lossy), the data is compressed, but when you get a refund degradation (generally mild) because the original has been altered permanently. This type of compression allows high rates of data reduction. Although regulated, the distortions are not too visible or audible.

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    Re: How codec plays a role in video quality

    There are various types of codec and their work. Like compression Space (intraframe), the codec analyzes each image that includes the sequence independently and each image is compressed as a still image. The still image format JPEG is by example. Compression time (interframe), in which case the compression uses the concatenation of images to deduct only the changes (on a fixed plane there is little change) to not encode the information useless.

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    Re: How codec plays a role in video quality

    Basic film quality code for each color dots (pixels) with 3 bytes: value for Red, one for Green and a final for the Blue: RGB, which allows a palette of over 16 million tones. The eye of the media or refund (screen) can not always distinguish between shades really much we can encode the RGB data of 2, see 1 single byte, which reduces the amount of information.

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    Re: How codec plays a role in video quality

    Audio codecs can reduce the base flow. Thus, a very famous codec, MP3, encodes music at speeds of 96 Kbps without the sound quality is too degraded to an average compression ratio of 12:1. To ensure proper quality should, however, preferred speeds of 128 or 160 kb / s MP3. As for original speed of 64 Mbps compressed to 16:1 is a rate of 4 Mbps.

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