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Thread: Bearshare unable to load library database

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    Bearshare unable to load library database

    Hi there, I am having problem with the use of the Bearshare that is showing the error while trying to load it. I have tried to uninstall and then reinstall it but that also doesn't work for me. Every time when i am starting the Bearshare it show error like Unable to load library database. Si if any one have the idea about the Bearshare unable to load library database error then please help me with solution of it.

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    Re: Bearshare unable to load library database

    Have you created more account on the same system with bearshare. If you are more then one account on the same then make sure that you logged off all other account. Also save it on the hard drive when no other are running. If any other version of the same is running then uninstall the same and update the new version. Hope this will solve your issue.

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    Re: Bearshare unable to load library database

    It could be possible that your system is crashing with the corrupted library file that is why it is unable to load. So take a look of the Bearshare and then to the database folder. Now delete the last database entry i.e. *.db. But make it sure your not deleting the good copy of the database. After that restart your computer and then see that whether it is working or not. Thanks

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    Re: Bearshare unable to load library database

    Are you running the Keylogger? as i am having the same problem and i have tried lots of thing like deleting the database file from the Bearshare folder but nothing work for me. Finally some one suggested me to stop the keylogger from the start up so that you wont get it and the Bearshare starts working. So i am suggesting you to do the same. To stop it from the start up just open the MSCONFIG and from the startup tab uncheck the Keylogger

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    Re: Bearshare unable to load library database

    Hey do one thing just download the BearDiag to your system and then run it for checking the error and let me know what it is showing on the console. So ig you are getting some kind of error then let us know so that we can optimize the problem in detail and work on it. To download the beardiag just visit the Google and search for the same.

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