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Thread: What is FreeHand MX for web design

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    What is FreeHand MX for web design

    What is FreeHand MX which is released by Adobe for the web designing products. I have one and I am using that to create sites. I had found that it is an extra tool for designing. What features does this one offers. The other thing is that I have found a software DVD PixPlay which can help me to create slideshow from a video movie. I need more information on the same. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: What is FreeHand MX for web design

    Yes that is right FreeHand Mx is the only tool that provides all the tools necessary stages of preparation and design to production and publishing in a streamlined, all within a single document. Reduce production time, adapt existing content for use on the Internet, creating content Macromedia Flash, and more.

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    Re: What is FreeHand MX for web design

    You can use the same also on Snow Leopard. It is a very lite 4 kb files available on the Adobe site for download. In fact, just install the file once decompressed the archive in the folder / Library / Application Support / Macromedia. As a requirement for this tool it is necessary to have installed Rosetta to run its software illustration.

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    Re: What is FreeHand MX for web design

    FreeHand is the ideal tool for designers creating and producing illustrations and layouts on paper or on the Web. It is perfectly suited to the creation of storyboards, clips Macromedia Flash MX, or the production of multipage documents and publishing. Create persistent relationships between objects while retaining the ability to change line styles, create presentations controlled by the mouse, change the form of graphs preserving their character changed, and much more.

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    Re: What is FreeHand MX for web design

    DVD PixPlay is a program for creating slide shows of images or videos, adding even the music CD, DVD or directly on the PC. Great for sharing with friends or family who do not have a PC and can see the vacation photos directly on TV. The software offers more transition effects to add. DVD PixPlay handles many formats including like JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, Crw Nef (for raw files), AVI, MPEG (for video) and MP3, WMA, WAV (for audio).

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    Re: What is FreeHand MX for web design

    It is quiet possible to create slide shows by using DVD PixPlay due to its simple interface assists users all over creation. any things can be added on the slide: the addition of an audio file or voice to make comments, add shapes and clip art to photos, add effects with over 40 images and 160 effects transition. Once the installation completes, the software provides the burning slideshow to CD, DVD or Blu-ray. DVD PixPlay also offers the possibility to convert a PowerPoint presentation into a readable file on DVD player.

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    Re: What is FreeHand MX for web design

    I am using the Macromedia Freehand 10. I think that “It is the perfect tool to transition traditional printers to the Web and offer advanced illustration solutions for Macromedia Flash users. We see our beta customers already decreasing costs because of the multi-publishing capabilities of FreeHand 10.”

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