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Thread: Dolphin file explorer on KDE 4.0

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    Dolphin file explorer on KDE 4.0

    The 4.0 version of kde was released long time back. Some saw this great promise who waited more than time, assistance and code to achieve. I have to work on this older version of kde and carry out some research work for the same. I need some application suggestion for the same version and for what they can be used. How is Dolphin a better tool than Konqueror.

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    Re: Dolphin file explorer on KDE 4.0

    Dolpin is the new file browser of KDE 4. Unlike Konqueror which is multi-functions (see above), Dolphin focuses on the exploration of local files. With a project as early as KDE 4, its lack of functionality it was once criticized. The initial lack of tabs, preview, and customizing the display, baffled used Konqueror. Dolphin returned to level and even beyond.

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    Re: Dolphin file explorer on KDE 4.0

    Dolphin is a highly requested feature that was added to this version is the ability to move a file from one directory to any other, thanks to Drag & Drop. Simply move the file with the mouse and go stand on the desired folder. If access requires crossing several directories, a simple overview over them open and unfold their content. This is from there that this feature is named: Expand-on-hover.

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    Re: Dolphin file explorer on KDE 4.0

    Yes that is correct. However, the feature is not yet possible on the directories in the main window, as was the case under Konqueror 3.5 (in this case, it was enough to fly to navigate the directories in the explorer. Once the file released The explorer returned directly to the home directory). It is one step further as what you can do in Konqueror.

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    Re: Dolphin file explorer on KDE 4.0

    Here is an another interesting feature. This support a little further Nepomuk (Semantic research project for the Desktop, developed among others by KDE, Mandriva and partly funded by the EU). The simple attachment of a tag can display only documents containing that tag. The tags can be either of the terms added by the user is on file attributes (which lends itself particularly in the case of music files).

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    Re: Dolphin file explorer on KDE 4.0

    You can use QT on it. Qt is the famous C + + library used by KDE (but also by other software known as VLC, Google Earth, Opera, etc..) Is still very much present. The latter has in fact decided to bet on the next multi-platform Qt for its mobile platforms will even release a little more in him adding a third license (LGPL, in addition to the GPL and proprietary) to to allow its free use even in the case of proprietary applications.

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