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Thread: Managing Winamp Playlist

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    Managing Winamp Playlist

    I am Windows Vista user. Till now i was using Windows Media player and my default player but from last couple of days am using Winamp and its really interesting. Now as am new to Winamp, i need help from you all guys regarding the same. I request you guys to please make me know some tips about managing playlist in Winamp like creating automatic playlist, random list, shuffle, ect.. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Managing Winamp Playlist

    With Winamp, you can automatically create playlists from songs that share some common criteria. For an example, you can create a list with only the songs rock, or another with songs added recently. To do so, just go through this:-
    • Start Winamp and go to the library in the drop down menu, Media.
    • Click the Media button in the bottom left and select the New command for intelligent.
    • In the dropdown, select a criterion for your selection.
    • Use the buttons to set the criteria, for example to indicate the maximum age of files to distinguish.
    • Change if necessary the name of the view intelligent then click OK.
    • Click on the new list in the library to start reading.

    Thats it..

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    Re: Managing Winamp Playlist

    In Winamp, the playlist uses the default font defined in the skin or appearance that you operate. You can modify to use the font of your choice. If you wanna do that than in Winamp, click on the Options menu then Preferences. In the left column, scroll element Preferences then click Playlist. Uncheck Use the font of the skin or language pack and select the font of your choice from the list Use the font. You see the result in real time in the playlist. Finally, click the Close button.

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    Re: Managing Winamp Playlist

    With Winamp, you can enable shuffle leaves Winamp randomly choose the next song to be played. You can also create a list sorted randomly paired normal playback. Doing this the pieces are read one after another in the order of the list you know the composition in advance. You can simply do that by opening Winamp and displaying your playlist by clicking the L button. Then pull down menu and choose Sort Order List random panel of the playlist. Your reading list is then rearranged so totally random.

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    Re: Managing Winamp Playlist

    When you select the shuffle, Winamp randomly selected titles to read among your playlist. You can configure Winamp for this random selection is more effective to reduce the frequency of reading the same piece.
    1. To do so click on the Options menu then Preferences.
    2. In the window that opens, click the item reading list.
    3. Then move the cursor rate of change of random mode to Fast.
    4. The music chosen randomly will become more varied.
    5. Finally, click the Close button.

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    Re: Managing Winamp Playlist

    With Winamp, you can also set album cover. When you hear a song with Winamp 5, the album cover image is displayed. Now it may happen that Winamp does not recognize an album and can not display image. You will then define the cover yourself, you have previously retrieved on the Internet.

    • Start by retrieving the image of the album cover which is not recognized by Winamp. You can do this through the different websites selling music. Once you find the image you want, click with right mouse button and choose the Save Picture As.
    • Choose a temporary location where to put the image and click the Save button.
    • In Winamp, locate the song without pocket. Click on it with the right mouse button and choose the command show information.
    • Then open the Graphics tab.
    • Click the Upload button graphic.
    • Select the image you've recovered the Internet and click Open.
    • Finally, click on the OK button.
    • The album cover is displayed when playing the song.

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