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Thread: Windows Media Player 12 Bug library

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    Windows Media Player 12 Bug library


    As might be expected, Windows 7 has a lot of bug despite clear efforts by the developers, I have for example noticed that WMP12 did I added the third of my music in its library. So I reboot,Windows warn , I try to read the missing files, "Continuing will empty your media library and close the Windows Media Player . Do you wish to continue?" After doing that there were some songs in the library that couldn't be found but it changes nothing, yet it adds the missing pieces ...

    If someone can help me . Would be

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    Re: Windows Media Player 12 Bug library

    I was laso in triuble with windows media player 12, the Hotfix KB961367 for the MP3 in WMP12 bug worked for me.

    The KB961367 patch for the famous bug of corruption MP3 is available HERE..

    Microsoft explanatory article with other download links for both 32 and 64-bit

    The fix is available on Windows Update:

    This particular bug is with the amputation of 2 to 3 seconds of the start of an MP3 song when Windows Media 12 is configured to automatically download information [metadata] for that song, or when the user make editing tags in Windows Explorer.

    In Windows Media setup is usually launched in Express mode to save time ... So he was advised after the fact to uncheck the option "Retrieve additional information from the Internet" in the Library tab.

    Of course there was no risk for the files with the attribute "read only" ...

    The condition for the bug occurs is that the size of headers is greater than 16kb, and the metadata are written to the file ... or even if MP3 files are simply added to the library in Windows Media or Media Center.

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    Re: Windows Media Player 12 Bug library

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    Re: Windows Media Player 12 Bug library

    Check if you have the songs listed in the last opened or unsaved location. Under play option click on arrow to the left.

    Based on my research, please try the following to check the issue:

    I suspect the directory that stores Media Player data may contain corrupted files. Please go to the following directory and delete all files in the folder and then re-create the play list to see if the problem happen again:

    %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Media Player

    Note: Please backup the contents of the directory first.

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    Re: Windows Media Player 12 Bug library

    Also Check if the media directory contained corrupted files or “Unknown” items. In Windows Media Player, go to the library, right click on "Listen" and select "Manage Music Library". In places music library dialog box, there are ways. Please go to the directories one by one and check if there are any other files except your media files. If yes, please remove it and check the "Unknown" item still exists.

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