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Thread: Adobe Media Player 1.7 issues with Windows 7

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    Adobe Media Player 1.7 issues with Windows 7

    Hello. I have a desktop machine with Windows 7 installed in it as the operating system. I have downloaded the new Adobe Media player 1.7. The problem is that the player freezes and stops responding for a long time leaving the system to hang. Why is this happening? I have no clue. Please help me out. It would be a great help. Thank you.

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    Re: Adobe Media Player 1.7 issues with Windows 7

    It may be that the downloaded application software is not responding to the system. The downloaded setup file may be corrupt or may have some bug issue. This is the reason you are not able to use the player and get it used correctly. It would be better try to install the application using some other setup file. This should help you out. Check out.

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    Re: Adobe Media Player 1.7 issues with Windows 7

    The site from you have downloaded the application may contain some virus. It is possible that certain sites are associated with virus due to this the files or the contents that you download too has issues. So it might be that the application has virus issues and hence it gets freezed when you execute also letting your system to freeze up. So run a antivirus scan check wizard and then look out for the issue.

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    Re: Adobe Media Player 1.7 issues with Windows 7

    Check out for the compatibility of the media player. It may be that the media player is not able to execute as it do not have the features to support to the latest operating system. Try to look out for the configuration or requirements that it needs to meet up. It may be that the support file for Windows 7 may not be suited. Try to install it into other system. May be then it should work out for you.

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    Re: Adobe Media Player 1.7 issues with Windows 7

    Try to run a clean boot wizard. this should help you out in making the things to work appropriately.

    * Click on the start button.
    * Type msconfig and hit enter in the search box menu.
    * Under the selective startup choose Hide all Microsoft services.
    * Disable the services.
    * Restart the system.
    * Execute the application now.

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    Re: Adobe Media Player 1.7 issues with Windows 7

    Try to reinstall the application by uninstalling the application. This should make the thing to work for you correctly. Follow the steps as follows:

    1) Go to the start menu and click on it.
    2) Open control panel and then open add remove programs.
    3) Select the concerned application and then click on remove.
    4) Now restart the system.
    5) Install the media player again choose to run with the compatibility mode feature by running the system under administrator account.

    Hope this should work.

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