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Thread: Genie Backup Manager for Windows

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    Genie Backup Manager for Windows

    I need some information on Genie Backup Manager software. I was using a freeware utility for my data backup. But due to my windows crash I lost the software and data. I need a tool which can offer much more backup options. Like I can take the same on LAN or external drives. Does this software supports LAN Backup. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Genie Backup Manager for Windows

    A system crash, virus or mishandling can cause the loss of all data: emails, business files, photos etc. It is absolutely necessary to save these files regularly. Genie Backup Manager is a solution to back up and restore your vital data. Genie Backup Manager will help to safeguard, secure, and restore all the data you want, automatically or manually.

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    Re: Genie Backup Manager for Windows

    Genie Backup Manager is a tool designed to backup and restore files, documents, emails, settings, etc.. in any medium. Genie Backup Manager Pro is the backup solution for small and medium businesses that want to save and recover their entire system. Save a reliable and efficient digital assets including documents, emails and settings.

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    Re: Genie Backup Manager for Windows

    You can easily retrieve previous versions of key documents. There is a option called disaster Recovery it is the program restores your computer in case of catastrophic failure. Compatible with hard drives. With Genie Backup Manager Pro, you're protected against data loss due to computer viruses, equipment failure or intrusion. Save your files and folders to a secure location and recover your data in an instant, or perform a complete backup of your system to restore it in case of failure. It is nice software with many features.

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    Re: Genie Backup Manager for Windows

    I backup my e-mail, contacts, fonts, Microsoft Internet Explorer favorites and files, folders and programs and other data frequently with it. It offers a schedule backup options which is quiet easy to configure and use. It is a very comprehensive backup solution. There more features supported to it. Like schedule backup or backup over an FTP server.

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    Re: Genie Backup Manager for Windows

    The best part of this software is that it is easy to handle. Genie Backup Manager, has a friendly graphical interface with simple checkboxes for novices and a multitude of options for computer nerds. It offers 3 types of backup options. First normal, incremental (adding new files only) and Mirror (auto-update by adding and deleting files). You can backup the same on any media either CD DVD drive or LAN or FTO or USB.

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