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Thread: Matroska support for foobar2000 audio player

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    Matroska support for foobar2000 audio player

    I was trying to play some file format which shows that they are in Matroska container. My audio players are not able to play it. So I searched on internet and found Foobar. I have not seen this player before. I need some information on this player and on the different formats it supports. Does it plays all types of formats and files. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Matroska support for foobar2000 audio player

    Foobar2000 is a player whose main characteristic is to emphasize the quality of sound reproduction, and the moment of conception. This different philosophy allows him to stand out from others (mainly Winamp) which were first developed their aesthetic side ( developing engines sophisticated skin), thereby neglecting what is the value of a good player to say, audio quality, functionality, usability, performance.

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    Re: Matroska support for foobar2000 audio player

    Foobar integrates highly innovative technologies and support the latest sound cards 24 or 32 bits, and the latest audio formats. Moreover, thanks to its modular approach, users can easily add or remove plugins by using it wants to do and thus have a very small player. The modular architecture allows to have the facility closest to these are the requirements.

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    Re: Matroska support for foobar2000 audio player

    The best features of this software is fully customizable playlist. Support decoding of floating, which is more in 64bits to reduce approximation calculation (and hence defects) on all available dsp. Support for sound cards 16, 24 and 32 bit (or more) for greater finesse decoding. The intereface of the software is easy to use and access

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    Re: Matroska support for foobar2000 audio player

    Foobar supports different techniques for improving the sound quality and comfort: replay gain (to level the sound level on a music collection), re sample (to avoid re sampling hardware that may be of lower quality than software), dithering (mainly for 16-bit sound cards), advanced limit (avoiding saturation of tracks), 18 equalizer bands. It also supports many audio formats, including loss less of known quality (mpc, flac, mp4/aac) and popular (ogg vorbis and mp3).

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    Re: Matroska support for foobar2000 audio player

    It can read matroska and mp4 container that can contain any audio format. Management (read / write) tags APEv2 with mp3 is also possible in it.You can manage large play lists (several thousands of elements), but also multi-playslits with opportunities to have a format corresponding to our own expectations. There are multiple tools improving the use of music: mass tagger evolved database very efficient, album list, read zip and rar archives, audio features extraction, audio encoding, ability to apply filters to each trading audio files etc. ..

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