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Thread: How to use Keepass for Password protection

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    How to use Keepass for Password protection

    Whether to identify with Windows, for its message, to connect to the Internet and to access various services you have subscribed online, it is necessary to use a password, unique and complex addition. No question is using the same password for each authentication, or to note his passwords on a piece of paper that may fall under the eyes of a malicious person. So how do you keep all passwords without compromising the security of its information. I had heard about KeePass. What is it.

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    Re: How to use Keepass for Password protection

    Firstly, by encrypting your information by two of the most powerful algorithms today also used daily by banks. It is now impossible to decrypt your data. To access all your passwords, so it does more than keep a complex password. You then need to hire others. Hence the interest that the password is complex. Even better, you can improve protection by storing your key on a USB key. No key or password = no access to your database of passwords is as simple as that.

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    Re: How to use Keepass for Password protection

    Your passwords are then protected and accessible only to yourself. Of course, then you should not lose your unique password or your USB drive. First To enhance security and ensure that your computer has always updates the most recent time, you need to enable Automatic Updates. Windows will download and automatically install the critical updates for Windows as they become available from Microsoft.

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    Re: How to use Keepass for Password protection

    Automatic updates sends you direct important update on your desktop. This many times help to function your system more smoothly. Unless they are already protected by passwords, user accounts displayed on the welcome screen of Windows can be opened by anyone with a single click. Protecting password access to your user account, anyone else that you can access and modify the edit data from your session.

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    Re: How to use Keepass for Password protection

    To help you recover your password if lost, enter a word or phrase as an indication of password in the box provided for that purpose. For example, maiden name of mother if the latter a report with your password. Be careful not to put too much information because the information is accessible to everyone. Finally, click on the Create a password. Now, to access your account, you must enter the password you just defined.

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    Re: How to use Keepass for Password protection

    The advantage of using a password to protect their data quickly is limited so it is easy to guess. So, use at least 8 characters by mixing and lowercase letters, uppercase and numbers. Also use random characters, not a sequence of letters forming a word common. Your password will be safer this way. Show all file extensions. By default, Windows hides file extensions whose type is known. This can be dangerous because some scripts do not hesitate to pass for common file types that you run and cause damage to your system. It is safer to always display all file extensions.

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