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Thread: Update Facebook Status Via EMail.

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    Update Facebook Status Via EMail.

    Hi there, I am a Biggest Facebook Freak!!! Actually my vacation period has been over now. It is not possible to browse the personal websites on our college computers such as face book. So i am in search of some other way to stay connected with the facebook. I have heard that i can update status of the facebook by emails. Is it possible ? If yes then how ?

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    MoDazzle can update Facebook Status Via EMail.

    You can use MoDazzle to stay connected with the facebook as it will allow you to access the Facebook, LinkedIn and many other web services through the emails or by SMS. MoDazzle will make it easier for you to update your Facebook Status, get Unread Messages and access somebody's profile on facebook and many more.

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    Features of MoDazzle.

    Here are the some features provided by the MoDazzle.
    1. Access Profiles of : Facebook, LinkedIN,, Hoovers, Lavalife, and VentureSource.
    2. Additional Services : weather forecasts, latest news, driving directions, nearest Starbucks locations, Stock quotes, flight updates, restaurant reviews, yellow pages.
    3. Invite friends of your address books from Yahoo Mail or Gmail.
    4. You can use MoDazzle from many email addresses or mobile phones.
    5. Modazzle provides you all this services for free.

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    Update Facebook Status Via EMail.

    Now Facebook has added a new feature by which you can send photos or videos to your profile page via email. You will be finding the unique personal upload email on the Facebook mobile page. You can add photos or videos which you want to send in email and subject line would be the caption for photos or videos. It will be the same captions for the all the pics or videos if you are sending more then one.

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    Yoono : Sidebar for Firefox.

    Yoono is sidebar provided for the Mozilla Firefox by which you can connect to the social networks and do not miss any status update from friends or family. By using the Yoono you can update the status of any social networks. You will never need to log in all the different IM services to use them as this will become very much easy by using the Yoono.

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    Xoopit: social networking email enhancement .

    Xoopit is a email enhancement for the many social networking websites such as facebook or linkedin etc. Xoopit allows you to locate files, images and videos in their inbox and it has launched the new feature which will let all gmail users to see all the updates from the facebook and view photos of facebook profiles.

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