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Thread: Tab of IE 8 opens slowly on windows 7.

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    Tab of IE 8 opens slowly on windows 7.

    Bored by using the Internet Explorer 8. Actually i was having windows xp on my notebook. But recently i have upgraded it by installing the windows 7 on it. From when i have installed windows 7, My Internet Explorer 8 started running slowly. When i try to open a new tab in my browser then it takes some more time to open it as compared to what it takes. What can be the reason behind this slow performance ?

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    Executing the Command for regsvr32 actxprxy.dll

    I know it happens some time that you open the tab on Internet Explorer 8 for entering the new url but opening of tab will take much time to open or it may gets broken also. Do not worry as this will be solved by running one simple command on command prompt. So you need to open command prompt by typing " cmd " in the Run search bar. After opening the cmd type " regsvr32 actxprxy.dll " without quotation marks and press Enter. Click on OK after completion of running this program and try to open new tab in your browser now.

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    Internet Explorer Performance troubleshooter.

    If your Internet Explorer running slowly compared to the normal performance then there is an tool provided by the windows itself named as Internet Explorer Performance troubleshooter which will automatically find and solve the problem of Internet Explorer 8 browser. You can open Internet Explorer Performance troubleshooter by opening control panel from the start menu. Type Troubleshooter in the search box and click on Troubleshooting. After clicking on View All you will find Internet Explorer Performance.

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    Reinstall Internet Explorer 8.

    I think there would be some problem with regarding the important files to run Internet Explorer. It may happen that some files are missing to run Internet Explorer properly. This could be the problem whenever you try to open a new tab in your browser. Try reinstalling the windows browser. After installing the brand new copy of IE 8, your problem would be definitely sorted out.

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    Reset your Internet Explorer 8.

    Do the following steps to reset your Internet Explorer 8.
    1. Go to the Start Menu and type Internet Explorer in the search box which will show list of results so click on the Internet Explorer.
    2. Press the Tools buttons and click on Internet Options.
    3. Switch to the Advanced Tab and click on RESET.
    4. After opening the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click on Reset.
    5. Click Close and press OK and close Internet Explorer.

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    Weak Internet Connection.

    As you are saying that your internet browser is opening the tabs slowly but I have noticed that It is opening. So there could be the problem of weak connection of Internet. Because it generally happens that due to some resistance in the network your browser starts working slowly.

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    Re: Tab of IE 8 opens slowly on windows 7.

    Reset Ie...

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