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Thread: Suitable DJ and Audio mixer software for windows

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    Suitable DJ and Audio mixer software for windows

    I need a proper Audio mixer with DJ utilities tool. I have virtual DJ but I does not found all features in it. What are your recommendation in this. It must have a dedicated playlist option in which I can manage my large number of audio files. Second there should be proper mixing and cue options by which I can switch different audio files easily in the tool. I had downloaded some but still they are not satisfying.

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    Re: Suitable DJ and Audio mixer software for windows

    MP3 Maker 15 is the complete solution for reading and easy management. Just start playing click on "Auto Playlist" and review your music collection to offer instant playlists composed of similar securities. You can record music from Internet and transfer all audio files from CD survotre PC or from your PC to all MP3 streams. Import & Convert: With the CD ripper, convert simply and quickly tracks from an audio CD into MP3 files, make 1:1 copies of CDs and optimize the quality of your audio books. Save & standardize and enjoy the music and the experience of other users from around the world: sign up for free and legally over 5 000 Internet radio stations and automatically record their broadcasts (you can then address any changes volume of records).

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    Re: Suitable DJ and Audio mixer software for windows

    Even I too agree with MAGIX MP3 Maker 15. It is a nice tool with multiple features. You can rename multiple files or databases of MP3s on the fly as you wish. Generate new tag information from file names and effectively detect all duplicates. Simply play & mix the happiness of all the DJ use the automatic music recommendation, find titles based on the mood you want to create a network share songs with other users and mix live through professional transitions. You can create your own music library: Do not just collect your songs, but arrange them in order to recover quickly. Just create playlists of quality and save easily excerpts of radio in MP3 format.

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    Re: Suitable DJ and Audio mixer software for windows

    MediaMonkey Gold is the ideal jukebox to listen to your MP3 and manage your music library. MediaMonkey is the ideal software for all collectors of music. Do not waste time searching for your favorite music on your computer. Within minutes, MediaMonkey scans your PC, sorts and organizes all your music files. You can easily import your MP3s, convert your CD to add to your music library and burn your own compilations. Once your library organized, more easily enjoy your music collection: listen to your files through a player that can read almost all standard formats (MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, VQF ...), let mode " DJ Automatic animate your evenings or synchronize your music library with your MP3 player or iPod.

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    Re: Suitable DJ and Audio mixer software for windows

    If you are looking for a DJ tool then TOP DJ PRO 2009 is a utility designed for the professional DJ. You can load your songs in MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AIF MOD and then mix with two decks. The application offers a multitude of effects (scratch, echo, reverb, etc..) And loops. You can also listen to your samples and other sounds in the headphones, export MP3 files and even create your ads microphone. It is simple and easy to use also.

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    Re: Suitable DJ and Audio mixer software for windows

    I will stick with DJ professional tool which is nice and important. I have a DJ Professional 2008 version which is a real mixer that lets you string together bits and to apply sound effects reverb, scratch, echo, etc.To animate your evenings, you can choose from a selection of jingles and customize your ads microphone. In addition, the application proposes to publish your playlists and reference all of your titles in a comprehensive database by different criteria. DJ Professional 2008 also lets you record your mix to MP3 files.

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