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Thread: How to Change aero wallpaper

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    How to Change aero wallpaper

    I am using Windows vista right now. I want to know how to change the Aero wallpaper. I am using a different software for tweaking Vista. But is this possible internally. And how to insert a flash inside Microsoft Office 2007. My flash file is not working in windows vista. At last how can I configure calender.

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    Re: How to Change aero wallpaper

    To configure calender in windows Vista. You have to make a new document, after making a new document fill black color in the back ground. To make a line in the back ground use Line tool + edit -> adjustments -> warp, and give outer glow to the line. Make a new layer which is called body it will be your calender. You can make of any shape. You can choose a size for the clips. After adjustment fill it with color. Give it as a Vista looking and to make it like a calender copy and place it. After write the date on it.

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    Re: How to Change aero wallpaper

    You can also set aero wallpaper in Vista. First you find a picture. You have to apply the radius of 75pixels of Gaussian blur. Apply this setting Layer->New adjustment layer->Color balance. Make a rectangle selection. After going to the blending option you have to set the blend mode for overlay. Rotate the layer which is duplicate. Before using the warp tool make a line and shape by using line tool. After putting the blend mode on the overlay you can write something. You can finally see the result that is the vista aero styled wallpaper.

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    Re: How to Change aero wallpaper

    You can also insert flash in the power point 2007. First up all you have to install the flash player in your computer. Select the Microsoft Office Button and then click the option in which you can see the power point. After click the popular option on the left column. Click show developer in the ribbon from the tab on the right column and select OK. From the developer tab, go to the group called controls and select the hammer and nail icon to go to more controls window. Then you have to go to shock wave object and select OK. Move to the properties of the window. Set the playing property to true and then flash it into power point. At the last close the properties and save the presentation. To see the presentation you have to press F5.

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