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Thread: Internet Browser vs. Blackberry Browser

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    Internet Browser vs. Blackberry Browser

    Does any one know the difference between Internet Browser vs. Blackberry Browser. Is there a way to invoke the "Internet Browser" instead of the "Blackberry Browser" and also wanted to know the features of Blackberry Browser. Which is more secure?

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    Re: Internet Browser vs. Blackberry Browser

    The Blackberry Browsers is designed to access your MDS service via your BES server.The Internet Browser doesnt go straight to the net but its close enough. It goes through the blackberry relay but doesnt go through your BES so traffic is not encrypted. Via Blackberry Browser you are able to access internal websites or web based applications. The data passed from this browser is also encrypted via 3DES so you have a very secure connection back into your network.

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    Re: Internet Browser vs. Blackberry Browser

    A Web browser is a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web.The BlackBerry Browser views HTML web pages on both the Internet and your corporate intranet. Internet Explorer 8 includes a number of useful Accelerators to get you started.

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    Re: Internet Browser vs. Blackberry Browser

    BlackBerry Browser = Browsing requests or "Traffic" is sent through your BES server...basically browsing the the BES as BESAdmin.An application can invoke the default browser on the BlackBerry smartphone. In addition, it can invoke the Internet Browser, the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Browser, the BlackBerry Browser, the Wi-Fi Browser.Check this Invoke the browser

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