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Thread: Create partition by using Fdisk

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    Create partition by using Fdisk

    How to create partition by using FDisk. I have a system in which my windows is corrupted. I want to create a additional partition in which I will create a recovery system. There are some tools which works in GUI mode but are they stable. If yes then what are the suggestions for the same. I still found FDisk a optimum and reliable solution for creating partition in Windows.

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    Re: Create partition by using Fdisk

    Under Fdisk first, it needs the Windows startup disk in floppy drive, then turn on the PC and checked with the boot option in bios that the computer first boots from the floppy drive. Then you have the boot disk, bu this you can see the C:\ on the screen without a CD-ROM support. FAT32 support is necessary under this options. To create DOS partition or Logical DOS Drive choose Create Primary DOS Partition from Control Panel. Or just right click on the Floppy drive and choose create MS Dos boot disc.

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    Re: Create partition by using Fdisk

    Get Partition Magic 8.0, this is one of the best known of the tools that allow us to manage our partition. You can edit numerous types of hard drives and can work with almost all types of existing partitions in an easy and simple. You can pass all sorts of information from one partition to another without any risk your applications. Also offers a safe start managing operating systems that we install on each partition, allowing us also have multiple operating systems on a single partition without risk. The latest version incorporates new features for NTFS partitions, and allows them to recover the losses incurred up to 160 units Gb.

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    Re: Create partition by using Fdisk

    I will recommend you to use Partition Manager tool. It is a advanced software will which easily satisfy almost your all requirements and tasks mostly related to the partitioning of server hard drives. The tool has built-in backup which reduce the risk of data loss.This tool can also handle critical and complex operations in a easy way. The best features are basic partitioning which includes creating formatted partitions, deleting or restoring, or giving a new name to the drive, etc. Second feature is comes under complex partitioning functions which includes repairing disks without data loss, redistribute free space between partitions, merging two partitions to increase the size of NTFS partitions without restarting Windows.

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