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Thread: Video Conference support on Windows XP

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    Video Conference support on Windows XP

    I had borrowed a Dell Laptop from my friend. I have attend some virtual classroom for a project work. The laptop has Windows XP in it. I need some information on Video conferencing on my system. I know Yahoo is the best alternative for chatting and other online stuff but it working extremely slow here. I have Windows Live ID which I can use in Messenger. The messenger is available in the laptop. As I had never used it so does it supports the feature which I am taking about. What more can I do in it.

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    Re: Video Conferencing support on Windows XP

    Yes MSN Messenger supports video conferencing. You need here Windows XP, a sound card, microphone and speakers or a headset and a webcam and, if possible, a broadband connection to the Internet, for example, a cable modem, digital subscriber line (ADSL) connection or a local area network (video conversations via a standard telephone connection to the Internet are possible but its performance is much slower than that obtained through broadband connection). Here are steps to start video conferencing - Open Windows Messenger. Click the link to log on, enter your email address and password. NET Passport and then click OK. Double-click the name of a contact from the list. Conversation window appears. Click Start the camera. Windows Messenger will notify you that an invitation has been sent.

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    Re: Video Conferencing support on Windows XP

    Like Yahoo Messenger you can send and received files online by the messenger. To share a file Run Windows Messenger and log on. Double-click the name of a contact. In the Conversation window, click Send a File. Select the file you want to send, and then click Open. When the contact accepts the file, you receive a notification like the following: The transfer of the file "image1.jpg" has been accepted by Mr X. Starting transfer ... To receive a file

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    Re: Video Conferencing support on Windows XP

    The best thing about messenger is that here you can share programs or the board with his contacts. If you are not running, start the program you want to share (click Start, All Programs, then click the program in question).
    Start Windows Messenger and sign. Choose a contact who is online and initiate a conversation through instant messaging or voice. Click Invite, and then, in order to initiate application sharing.

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