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Thread: Yahoo messenger error - Cannot load resource DLL

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    Yahoo messenger error - Cannot load resource DLL

    I have just installed the yahoo messenger, downloaded from yahoo website. Its YM 9. After installation as i'm clicking on shortcut to start messenger, each time following error comes.

    Cannot load resource DLL.

    Any ideas? what can be done here? I'm using windows xp sp3.

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    Re: Yahoo messenger error - Cannot load resource DLL

    Uninstall it and re-install it again. Download the fresh setup file and install it. Download the current version of yahoo from here Yahoo Messenger . Its version 10, before installing it first uninstall the yahoo messenger 9. Hope this will resolve you problem.

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    Re: Yahoo messenger error - Cannot load resource DLL

    You need to re-install Yahoo messenger that is giving you the dll error, or may need to update the dll. DLL is a software program file that messenger needs to load to work. A resource dll file is one that a program relies on to run. Apparently something is trying to run and either cannot locate its required library file, or the file is located but is corrupt. As it is trying to load with IE as well as other applications, at a guess I'd say it is likely to be a plug-in. Close IE and any other running applications. IF doesn't works then maybe try a different version of messenger.

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    Re: Yahoo messenger error - Cannot load resource DLL

    Did you restarted your pc after installing yahoo messenger? Restart your pc and then after that start the yahoo or reinstall it with the installation file you downloaded. The system reboot is a precautionary measure to ensure that none of the files used by Yahoo messenger are loaded into memory during the reinstall.

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